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Lipa Nessa - Sports Activist, & Co-founder of the 'I Think She's Offside' Podcast.

Michelle Griffith-Robinson - Former GB Olympian, wife, mother of 3, lifestyle coach, personal trainer and Ambassador for Diabetes UK

Lipa was formally a semi-professional footballer and now she's a grassroots coach and sports activist. Lipa's passion for football is constantly growing and led her to coin her catchphrase “I’m going to change the world with a hijab on my head and a ball at my feet.”

Lipa wants to be the change, and will continue to challenge herself and engage with minority communities; by doing so her catchphrase will become a reality.

Lipa is a co-founder of the podcast called ‘I Think She’s Offside’ where she and co-host Fadumo Olow talk about all things woman’s sports. The podcast aims to stay connected to the local community, discussing The FA’s Women Super League with some BPL. Lipa and Fadumo came up with the podcast to give underrepresented individuals a voice.

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Show notes

  • What Lipa does

  • Here passions for sports

  • Playing semi-professional sports

  • Being a little feminist

  • Having a supportive family

  • Challenging the PE teachers to make sure she could play football

  • Being encouraged to do a trial for a local football team

  • Becoming part of a team

  • Training 3x a week

  • Progressing to the first team

  • Gaining new confidence

  • Making decisions boldly

  • Starting to hate football

  • Deciding to go to university and choosing her course..

  • "I’m going to change the world with a hijab on my head, and a ball at my feet.”

  • Striving for more

  • The lack of women across all levels of sport

  • Being pushed beyond her comfort zone

  • Supportive men

  • Feeling fed up about the lack of change

  • Becoming a coach

  • The challenging of working with children

  • Getting more girls involved in football from a young age

  • Starting 'I Think She's Offside' Podcast

  • Making change happen

  • Being proactive

  • Being self employed while doing a rebrand for the podcast

  • Being an Ambassador for the Youth Sport Trust

  • Being at the Women’s World Cup in France 2019

  • Final words of advice for you


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