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Part 4 - Show notes! 7 Women - 7 Challenges 2017

At the start of 2017 after feedback from the Tough Girl Tribe. I started 7 Women - 7 Challenges.

Throughout the year I will be interviewing 7 women as we follow them on their journey of going after their own personal challenges.

We will learn what really has to happen for people to achieve their goals, we will hear about their frustrations, disappointments, set backs, as well as their successes and achievements.

It is real stories, from real women, living real lives.

This is part 4


You can listen to Part 1 - Now!

1st January 2017

You can listen to Part 2 - Now!

12th February 2017

Listen to Part 3 Now!

2nd April 2017

Listen to Part 4 Now!

28th May 2017


Order & Timings

Rae Red - 2 mins 40

Laura Try - 37 mins

Jen Dykxhoorn - 1 hr 7 mins

Jo Jo Rogers - 1 hr 35 mins

Georgie Akin-Smith - 1 hr 58 mins

Gemma Smith - 2 hr 28 mins

Rachel Wise - 2 hr 58 mins



Rae Read

@ 2 mins 40 seconds

  • Feeling a bit weird in January

  • Finding out she was pregnant!

  • Knackered, dealing with morning sickness

  • Stopping training

  • Going on a mental roller coaster

  • Not being able to tell people

  • Moving house & being surrounded by boxes

  • Processing the news

  • Being angry

  • Going through a grieving process


  • Struggling with mental health

  • Walking everyday

  • Publishing her blog posts

  • Feeling lonely while pregnant

  • Making her pregnancy her own experience

  • The first 3 months

  • Round ligament pain

  • Pregnancy Yoga via Youtube

  • Not fighting against it

  • The elephant in the room!

  • Heartburn

  • The London Marathon Ballot!

  • Being due early October

  • Plans for the future.. new business idea

  • Ice climbing in February?

  • How her diabetes has been affected by being pregnant

  • Having a starvation test

  • Eating a banana a day..

  • Trying to stay positive

  • Why you need to reach out to people

  • Starting with her blog -


Laura Try

@ 37 mins

  • Listening back to part 3 of the podcast and crying about it

  • Being on the edge of nearly giving up

  • How it has all changed….

  • Getting a main sponsor!

  • Going to a business networking meeting every week #BNI

  • Asking for a dream referral and wanting to speak to Russell Quirk

  • 6 week later being told he will be at the meeting

  • Should she mention the rowing trip?

  • Doing her research.. taking a deep breath and saying hello!

  • Going for it!

  • £2,000 to go

  • Becoming numb to emotion and not being able to feel anything

  • Why the challenge is not about rowing GB

  • Getting excited!!

  • Give some love to

  • Why it’s more than just the money

  • Getting physical and emotional support

  • Being a New World Record Holder!!!

  • Being a member of the Sub 7 Rowing Club

  • Saying “YES”

  • The world record row!

  • Fitness before the challenge…. & not being able to train properly for the past few months

  • £150 club? Still an option?

  • The plan to get the final £2k

  • Donations have stopped since she got a main sponsor

  • Guest speaking gigs - which is ticking a few boxes

  • Exhausted, scatter brain, forgetting things, never being so tired in her life!

  • Taking time off….

  • Moving house on Monday - 5 days before she goes rowing!

  • Having a job for when she comes back!

  • Starting her row on the 3rd June!

  • Mental skills coaching

  • Why it’s all about imagery!

  • Getting excited!!

  • 8 weeks - follow along with Laura via her social media channels

  • It’s so easy!!

You can sponsor Laura at

Connect with Laura - Facebook, twitter, Youtube, and visit her website


Jen Dyxhoorn

@ 1 hour 7 mins

  • What’s been happening since we last spoke!

  • Moving countries and living in Stockholm

  • Getting to travel more

  • Experiencing Spring twice!

  • What she loves about Stockholm

  • Signing up for an Ultra Marathon in July (Eco Trail Ultra Marathon)

  • Doing long runs at the weekend and cycling to work everyday

  • Tips for running on new trails, using iPhones and having a back up plan

  • Getting the balance right between running and cycling while training

  • Using the ultra as a training exercise

  • Doing what she can do

  • Being prepared as much as she can while maintaining everything else in her life

  • Structured Reflection from using the Passion Planner

  • Having fewer obligations in Stockholm and being able to choose what she wants to do

  • Struggling with anxiety and why her tools helps her to create space

  • Dealing with the stress and pressure from work

  • Everyday magic goals!

  • Making music once a week! Taking up the harmonica

  • The 100 Day Challenge!

  • Tips for meditation

  • Planning for LEJOG - mapping and accommodation

  • Getting excited for her challenge!

  • Her goals for the coming weeks

  • Heading off to Budapest for a weekend getaway

You can follow Jen’s adventures at, or on Twitter @jendykxhoorn and Instagram @lovelyoutlier

Follow her Sister - Karen Dykxhoorn on Instagram @hopefulgoat & twitter @hopefulgoat


Jo Jo Rogers

@ 1 hour 35 mins

  • Dealing with injury

  • Focusing on recovery

  • Being angry with her injury

  • Getting a new rescue dog and training her to get use to cars

  • The frustration of not being able to run

  • Being able to get out to Texas to race!

  • Not pushing on her running, until race day

  • Heading down to Dallas, and getting to see her son as well

  • Running on cement in the heat!

  • Carrying her own hydration and not needing to stop at the aid stations

  • 3 loop course of 10.33 mile course

  • Not having a time goal or a place goals

  • Assessing the other runners on the start line

  • Her goal for the race and wanting to run even laps

  • 1 hr 30 mins for each loop - finishing 2nd women!!

  • Women placed - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th!

  • “Go the Girls!!”

  • The challenges during the race…

  • Running the last 3 miles faster and making an effort to stay over pace

  • Feeling fully recovered

  • Plans for the summer months

  • Sleep & nutrition

  • Meeting Jo Jo in Maine

  • Her "B" Goal - To run the fastest 50K for women over 50

  • Being the 2nd fastest female in the US for running 50K in 2016

  • Her "C" Goal - To get a PB in a 50K

  • Her 50k PB - 4 hr 5mins


Georgie Akin-Smith

@ 1 hour 58 mins

  • 2 challenges done

  • Injury update…

  • Not being able to run London Marathon (but being able to defer it to next year)

  • Focus on cycling and 2 cycling challenges completed

  • What was going through her head before Mallorca 312

  • The pressure of having a cut off time of 14 hours and trying to do the distance in that time

  • The start line

  • Not sleeping well the night before and having a 5 am wake up call

  • Dealing with mountains from the start of the course

  • Eating every half an hour - which became harder and harder as the time went on

  • Getting to 290K

  • Dealing with the nerves and excitement at the start of the race

  • Race tactics

  • The hills!

  • Deciding to carry on and not stop at the 220

  • The final 2 hours of the race and why they were so hard - mentally

  • Having not choice but to carry on (having a few tears)

  • What she’s learnt from the Mallorca experience

  • Going to the extremes of her mental and physical fitness

  • Pushing herself and gaining confidence from the experience

  • 2 week rest and then cycling from London to Paris

  • Cycling with Laura Kennington

  • Meeting 10 new people and having a lose plan for the cycle

  • Having a MRI scan on her hip and being able to start running again

  • Racing to the finish line to make it in 24hrs!

  • Making changes to her 12 challenges

  • Doing a Tough Mudder with her parents in August

  • Having more of a focus on running and cycling

  • Getting to a good place with cycling and training for her next 100 mile race in July

  • Is she still enjoying herself?

  • Making the challenges work for her and her lifestyle

  • Why you can achieve more than you think

Georgie is blogging about all her challenges at


Gemma Smith

@ 2 hours 28 mins

  • What’s Gemma has been up to

  • Climbing the Cosmiques Arête, how it came about and what it is

  • Why she decided to do it

  • Taking advantage of the weather and managing to get some skiing in

  • Fitness while climbing at altitude

  • What she’s learnt from climbing the Cosmiques Arête and how she will be able to apply it to future challenges

  • Building her confidence and gaining reassurance from the experience

  • Getting a new climbing partner

  • Climbing with a para climber and how it’s made her think differently

  • Getting half way up a 7a

  • How her personal training is coming along

  • What she’s focusing on with her training

  • Getting tickets for the ARC’TERYX CLIMBING ACADEMY

  • Going on a mountain clean up

  • Having to give up on May as a training month

  • Working brutal hours and struggling to get the balance

  • Feeling guilt about not training

  • Having to speak to her boss about her work

  • Plans for the coming months

  • Bullet Journal….

  • Trying to get a routine back in her life

  • Not managing to make it to Scotland

  • The Sandstone Trail…on the list for July to test her endurance

  • Making a commitment and learning when to step back

  • Making more time for herself

  • Blogging… having more stuff to publish

Gemma is on Instagram @GemLaurenSmith & also on Twitter @GemlaurenSmith


Rachel Wise

@ 2 hours 58 mins

  • Summary from the last 2 months

  • The big things have been done

  • A family will be able to take the house furnished

  • A home has been found for the dog

  • Sorting out her job and speaking to her boss

  • Having the difficult conversation

  • Feeling relief that people now know

  • Running the Geneva Marathon!

  • Being ready for the next one!

  • Running her own race, and running at a steady pace

  • Pushing the dark throughs aside

  • How the children are coping with the upcoming changes

  • How Rachel is feeling about the trip

  • Not being super excited and more focused on getting things organised

  • Trying to save money and make money

  • Her experience with Air BnB

  • Dealing with back to back bookings

  • Renting the whole house out for July

  • Prices

  • Trying to fit it all in

  • Money and the budget..

  • Heading off in August!

  • The girls education for while on the road

  • The jobs that have to be done before they head off

  • The website -

  • Wanting to write more and share more blogs

  • What she hopes will have happened by October

You can read about Rachel’s family’s adventures at!


Schedule of future episodes

Part 1 - 1st January LIVE

Part 2 - 12th February LIVE

Part 3 - 2nd April LIVE

Part 4 - 28th May LIVE

Part 5 - 1st October

Part 6 - 19th November

Part 7 - 31st December


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