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Pip Hare - Single Handed Ocean Racer, preparing for the toughest sailing race on the planet - The V

Pip Hare - Single Handed Ocean Racer, preparing for the toughest sailing race on the planet  - The Vendee Ocean Race 2020

Pip has two world first endurance records, she is the winner of multiple international yacht races and has over twenty years of experience ocean racing!

We first spoke with Pip in 2017, when she shared more about her early years, growing up, getting into sailing as well as her passion for the sport. She also shared more about doing the 3 Peaks Yacht Race as part of an all female team and winning the race in 2016.

We pick up with Pip where we left off. Pip shares more about going back to do the 3 Peaks Yacht Race in 2017, but this time as a pair, making the challenge even more extreme!

Pip explains more about the Vendee Ocean Race and why this has been a dream of her’s which has been 10 years in the making. Pip goes into detail about her preparation and training as well as answering quick fire questions at the end. I am so exited to be following Pip as she chases her dream of breaking the women’s record while sailing solo around the world in the ultimate 3 month solo ocean race - The Vendee Ocean Race 2020.


Listen to Pip on the Tough Girl Podcast EXTRA

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Listen to the first episode we did with Pip in 15th August 2017

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Show notes

  • Catching up with Pip

  • 45 years old

  • 3 Peaks Yacht Race

  • 2 year count down to the The Vendee Ocean Race 2020

  • Sailing and running!

  • Doing the 3 peaks Yacht Race double handed!!

  • Sleep deprivation and the mental side of the challenge

  • Sleeping in 20 min bursts

  • Splitting up the roles and responsibilities

  • Not knowing if it was going to be possible at the start line

  • The biggest challenge from the race

  • Not being able to eat anymore

  • Where her determination comes from and why she’s doesn’t give up

  • Why you can’t give up when solo sailing

  • Suffering with injury

  • Deciding what was next

  • Not being able to run

  • Breathing

  • Deciding to enter the Vendee Ocean Race

  • Stats and information about the race

  • A 3 month challenge!

  • Planning for a race and challenge like this!

  • 10 years of work

  • The ultimate solo sailor race

  • Building skills and building confidence

  • Getting hold of a boat and raising funds to do the challenge

  • Launching her Vendee Campaign in November 2018

  • £1.2 Million

  • Having a 2 year build up

  • Getting her hands on the boat!

  • Fast tracking learning the boat

  • Making mistakes quickly

  • Starting powerlifting

  • Sailing with Paul Larson

  • Getting the boat prepared for its first tr