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Rahma Barclay - Cycled 3,500 km through 13 countries from London to Jerusalem raising money for Medi

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Ride4MedicalAid is a sponsored cycle ride from London to Jerusalem to raise awareness and funds for Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP).

The ride, starting on the 27 August 2016, crossing 13 countries, covering 3,500km in less than 35 days, arriving at Jaffa Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem on 30 September 2016.

MAP is a humanitarian organisation working for the health and dignity of Palestinians living under occupation and as refugees. MAP provides lifesaving medical supplies, equipment, training and humanitarian aid to those most in need in Gaza, the West Bank and in Lebanon.


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Show notes

  • About Rahma, her transition into cycling from rowing

  • Growing up in Norwich and having a very normal upbringing

  • Setting her history and learning more about her family

  • Being brought up with Islam

  • In 2014 during the war in Gaza, she was sitting on her sofa watching the news and finally decided it was time for her to do something to raise awareness about the situation in Palestine/Israel.

  • Not doing anything for a year and not knowing how to start

  • In May 2015 visiting Shatila camp in Beirut where she learnt more about MAP and how it was founded following the massacres in Shatila and Sabra camps in 1982.

  • The “Key of Return” and what it means

  • Finding her belief and her reason why ”the belief in equal healthcare for ALL”

  • Being scared, and how the idea slowly evolved and all started to become real

  • Dealing with her fears and how her family and friends helped

  • Planning for her cycle!

  • Fitting in her training around work, doing back to back training and adding in sportive events to ensure she was on track

  • Sorting out tyres and becoming a tester!

  • Planning her route using Google earth & street view

  • How she didn’t plan mentally for the trip

  • Starting her adventure, from the bottom of her road

  • Having her mum with her for the start

  • Dealing with the hills & the cobbles!

  • Getting to Munich and being joined by her friends and enjoying the first few weeks

  • Saddle soreness and dealing with the pain

  • Doing exactly what she wants to do with her life

  • The descent into Athens!

  • Getting into Jerusalem and finishing the cycle

  • What she's learnt most about herself on this trip

  • The most challenging part of the trip and what she learned from this experience

  • Dealing with unwanted attention

  • Arriving back into the UK and trying to settle back into normal life

  • Getting out of the slump and being inspired by Emily Chappell & Anna McNuff

  • Her plans for the future!

  • Raising £22,000 for MAP - Learn more about MAP

  • Final words of advice and, “why you can’t fail if you try”


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