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Wendy Searle - Adventurer, mother of 4 and 7th woman to ski solo and unsupported from Hercules Inlet

Wendy Searle - Adventurer, mother of 4 and 7th woman to ski solo and unsupported from Hercules Inlet to the South Pole!

We first spoke with Wendy for the Tough Girl Podcast in August 2019, when she shared more about her life and dreams of skiing to the South Pole.

In January 2020, Wendy completed that goal!

Wendy became the 7th woman in the world to ski solo and unsupported, she was the 4th fastest and completed the challenge in 42 days, 16hrs, and 23mins, she took no rest days, had no showers, and skied 720 miles in total.

The condition were brutal and hard, with temperatures dropping to -35. This was a journey 5 years in the making and shows what hard work, commitment and focus can achieve.

Listen to Wendy on the Tough Girl Podcast Extra as she shares more about this extraordinary challenge.


Listen to Wensy NOW!!!

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Show notes

  • Wendy introduces herself

  • 5 years of her life

  • Paying the final bill in USD

  • The final 2 weeks before the trip

  • Getting Christmas all sorted in October

  • Getting the plane over to Antarctica

  • Getting to the start line

  • Going after the speed record

  • Women supporting women

  • 86kg of sled weight

  • The focus you need to have every single day

  • The routines and the consistent while out on the ice

  • Dealing with a snowstorm on day 3

  • Meeting Mollie Hughes on the ice!

  • The mental challenge of the expedition

  • Not wanting to get out of the tent in the morning

  • Dealing with the isolation in such an extreme environment

  • Feeling all the support from home

  • Missing her children

  • Counting down the days

  • Doing a power pose to the sun every morning

  • Realising that the record wouldn’t be broken

  • Giving everything, every single day

  • Seeing the South Pole for the first time

  • Listening to audio books

  • Skiing into the South Pole

  • Getting home

  • knowing that she has changed from the experience

  • Overcoming self doubt

  • The joy of sitting in a chair

  • Working on the legacy of the expedition

  • Not being a big completed finisher

  • Quick Fire Questions


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Listen to the previous episode we did with Wendy. Click the PLAY button below!



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