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#4 Windermere Hut to New Pelion Hut - Hiking the Overland Track, Tasmania!

#4 Windermere Hut to New Pelion Hut - Hiking the Overland Track, Tasmania!

  • Day 3: Windermere Hut to New Pelion Hut

  • Distance: 15.3 km

  • Ascent / Descent: 520m /665 m

  • Weather: cloudy & mild in the morning with blue skies and sunshine in the afternoon

  • Accommodation: New Pelion Hut - lower bunk

Woke up at 7.15am - slept pretty well, no snorers and the cabin was warm!

Breakfast was porridge with water, Nutella and peanut butter. I packed some snacks and the rest of my gear, my pack is still super heavy. I need to keep on eating as much food as possible!!

The sign as I left said 5 hrs to get to New Pelion Hut.

The first part of the morning was the perfect temperature for walking nice and refreshing, quite a bit of cloud cover with blue skies wanting to come out. Fingers crossed that the weather would stay the same for the afternoon. I left at 8.30 am following the board walk. I passed through rain forests, with moss covered trees, over small streams, and a few bridges before reaching a new boardwalk with ‘Pine Forest Moor’ carved into it.

I stopped at River Forth Lookout (about 65m off trail) to see stunning views over looking the Lemonthyme Forest

Next it was crossing Pelion Creek and Frog Flats, which crossed over Forth River. Not the best places I could have chooses to stop - so many March flies and mosquitoes buzzing around! I didn’t stay long - just long enough to check my guide book, eat a few snacks, drink some water and then get moving again!

The second part of the walk was much harder than the first, it was much more muddy, with more tree roots, log crossing, muddy and boggy sections. You really did have to pay attention to where you were walking.

The track was still very easy to follow and there were lots of sections with board walks.

With the final 10 mins of the hike, the views just started to emerge, and in the distance you could see Pelion Hut. It’s relatively new and sleeps about 65 people, there is a massive veranda which wraps itself all the way around the building.

The views from the veranda look out over the Pelion Plains with Mt. Oakleigh in the background.

After choosing my bed for the night, I put my damp shoes, socks and shirt out to dry in the sun.

It’s such a beautiful place, with no wifi, there is nothing else to do apart from just relax and appreciate being out in Nature.

Watch the vlog NOW!!!


📚 My hike is being sponsored by @ciceronepress - Cicerone has a new guide book which launched on the 15th Feb - with everything you need to know about hiking the Overland Track 😀 Head to for more info.



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