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Ultra Runners Guests of Tough Girl Podcast (Part 7)

Jen Scotney - 36, Vegan, Ultra-runner who works as a Human Rights Lawyer.

Jen has always loved to be active. After the loss of her father and brother in quick succession she started going running as a way to deal with the pain. Although she struggles to call herself a runner, she has run multiple ultras in the country and has completed the Dig Deep Ultra, the Spine Challenge and the Northern traverse.

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Carolin Botterill - 52 year old mum of 3 who became an accidental ultra runner!

Carolin is an ultra-runner and multi-day stage race specialist, however, this wasn’t always the case. When Caroline was 36 years old, she was a stay at home mum to three daughters. Wanting to feel better in herself, and wanting to get fitter and lose some weight, she started on a journey which would ultimately lead to her becoming an ultra-runner….accidentally!!

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Allie Bailey - has run over 60 races, from half marathons to 100 mile ultras & in January she became the 1st women to run across a 100 mile wide froze lake in Mongolia!

Allie has run over 60 races, from half marathons to 100 mile ultras, and her race sheet for 2018 is looking pretty interesting. In 2017 she gained her first podium place at The Ox 50 where she came first woman, repeating this at the Cotswold Ultra 44 mile race.

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Abbi Naylor - Expedition Leader. Outdoor Instructor. Adventurer & Endurance Athlete who completed 30 challenges to celebrate turning 30 in 2018!

In 2017 Abbi set herself a HUGE challenge, to take part in 30 endurance events over 2018 to raise money and awareness for the charity Young Minds. During this podcast we learn more from Abbi about her life the challenges she has faced and overcome and what she has learned on the way.

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