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Tough Girl Daily PODCAST! Wednesday 22nd November - Seeing a Psychic!!!

Tough Girl Daily PODCAST! Tuesday 17th October - DOMS & Dishes!!!!


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Show notes

  • Going to see a Psychic - Keith Watson

  • William……

  • Grandma Babs

  • A writer? Blogging

  • Podcasting - my voice

  • Dropping some balls

  • 2018 is going to be a big year

  • The Wirral is not the place for me

  • Liking my bed!!!

  • My commute

  • Not being good in the morning…

  • 4 year window if I want to have children

  • London?

  • Being in my comfort zone…

  • Siblings!

  • Why I enjoyed it

  • Catching up with Sarah

  • Meeting Hector

  • Not coming to London

  • Neglecting my friends

  • Meeting people face to face

  • Having fun!

  • Feeling guilty when I wasn’t working

  • Building Tough Girl Challenges from the ground work

  • A great day!


  • Go watch some vlogs from the Appalachian Trail!


If you have questions regarding the Marathon des Sables - Please read - Tough Girl Sahara Challenge

If you have questions regarding climbing Kilimanjaro - Please read - Kilimanjaro Tips for The Top


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