March 28, 2015


One of the many things I learned from Tony Robbins is about fear, and how it's always going to be there.


Fear will always be a part of my life, and fear is a normal part of everyone’s life.


Fear will never leave us, because fear is needed to keep us alive.


Fear is a natural survival instinct. 


Fear boils down into two things which are the same for every human being no matter who you are or where you...

March 26, 2015

The four day course is about starting your journey towards creating a life that overflows with lasting success and fulfilment which increasing awareness of your physical health and how it affects many aspects of how you live.



Day 1


Three Elements of Practical Psychology

The Molders of Meaning: The Triad

The Six Human Needs

Three Forms of Communication

Processing Fears


Day 2


Introduction to Neuro-Associat...

March 26, 2015

London Excel Centre 26th March – 29th March 2015


Where The Impossible Becomes Possible

 To set the scene there were over 7,000 people from all nationalities in the large conference room, with the stage at the front and six giant projector screens dotted around the room. The seats were made from hard plastic, were small and not that comfortable, but you just didn’t notice.


The days were long, sometimes...

March 18, 2015

Before I attended the Mental Toughness Taster Day, I was sent an e-mail asking me to complete a short questionnaire called the MTQ48 “a high quality psychometric measure used to assess Mental Toughness”. 

It’s made up of 48 questions which have been designed to assess the four key components of Mental Toughness, known as the 4 C’s: Challenge, Commitment, Control and Confidence.



The questionnaire was d...

March 9, 2015

Tomorrow’s Women Wirral (TWW) held a full day event on the 6th March 2015 for International Women’s’ day. Sarah came to our event and gave 2 very inspiring, motivational talks to a very full hall of women.




"Sarah engaged the women well involving room participation and interaction. Sarah’s talks definitely leave you with food for thought and a feeling of wanting to achieve and set goals. Sarah was pr...

March 7, 2015


2000 followers on Instagram!


I can’t believe it!




This is such an exciting moment for me. I started the year off with 1000 followers and it’s gradually built over the past two months to 2013 followers!


I use my Instagram account for motivational messages - some of my favourite posts and most popular ones....












Lifting weights...











And recently I’ve started to add photos of when I...

March 3, 2015


Hoylake Business Network is a free networking group which meets at 6pm on the first Tuesday of every month at the Holiday Inn Express



The idea is for local business owners to meet, share knowledge make new connections and network in a friendly environment. It’s headed up by Paul Wharmby from Advance Business Vision.


I’m going to be giving a motivational talk at their December meeting on the 1st. I...

March 3, 2015

Mount Kosciuszko is the highest summit in Australia and depending on who you go by is also part of the seven summits challenge. Which is where you climb the highest mountain on every continent. 


Mount Kosciuszko is located in the Snowy Mountains in the Kosciuszko National Park in New South Wales. It is 2,228 metres above sea level. So it’s not going to be a difficult climb and I think it would b...

March 1, 2015

I was really pleased with my weight and my measurements for March. I’m lighter than I was at the first January and there’s only been a slight increase in the size of my arms and legs, which could be my muscles getting bigger! I think it’s also interesting as the amount of training I’m doing is significantly less than what I’ve done previously.



1st January                                   1st Februar...

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