October 29, 2020

When Claire hit 30, far from settling down and considering herself approaching middle age, she discovered a new lease of life and re-engaged with her love of the great outdoors and travel. Claire loves a challenge and likes to set herself something new each year.   This has led to a passion for water based and, in true British style, sitting down sports. She started rowing in 2012 and very quickly cau...

October 27, 2020

At 79 years young, Dr. Betty Holston Smith has the fitness level of your average 30-year old and looks at least 20 years younger than she is!    Dr. Betty was previously a 200-pound couch potato who loved junk food and smoking. Dr. Betty shares more about how she transformed her life 50 years ago. This really is a master class told by a phenomenal story teller, who goes into the details.

October 22, 2020

Hetty in her own words:   I live for adventure. Being outdoors is more than a hobby to me - I thrive on it, rely on it and couldn’t imagine life without it. When I am not out exploring, I'm usually planning or daydreaming of my next adventure - which could be anything from a weekend running around my local hills to some epic endurance event or obscure challenge further afield.   I love pushing mys...

October 20, 2020

Jools shares more on her award-winning blog, VéloCityGirl, which focuses on different aspects of cycling, including cycle-style, her own adventures on two wheels, and how to widen participation in cycling.   Jools’ blog and social media presence have evolved from being her ‘tiny corner of the internet’ (as she still calls it) to inspiring women and young girls around the world to get on the saddle and...

October 15, 2020

Deana Ortega is a badass single mom who has jammed her way around the roller derby circuit for the past 12 years. Having overcome addiction, negotiated difficult relationships, and endured numerous traumatic losses within her family, she has survived against the odds to become a successful derby captain, triathlete, and hairstylist.    Hailing from the vibrant border city of El Paso, Texas, she is the...

October 13, 2020

Sara Safari is an author, speaker, mountain climber, college professor, Electrical Engineer and advocate for women empowerment.    Sara was born in Iran and moved to the USA in 2002 to continue her education in electrical engineering. While teaching at California State University Fullerton, Sara met the founder of the Empower Nepali Girls foundation. She decided to climb Mt. Everest to raise funds and...

October 8, 2020

Catherine Dixon (Cat) and Rachael Marsden (Raz) – known as TandemWOW – had an ambition to raise £1 a mile as they cycled around the world on a tandem bicycle. After 263 days they arrived back in the UK at the end of March 2020, just before lockdown. After cycling 18,000 miles they raised a massive £37,000 for charity. They also set a new world record, beating the previous men’s record by more than 1...

October 6, 2020

As a young woman from a Bangladeshi, Muslim family, Ruqsana struggled for years to balance her faith and culture with the fast, furious and brutal sport she fell in love with - even hiding her trophies. Now she's fighting to help other young Muslim women to find their own balance between fitness and faith. Ruqsana's story is a tale of empowerment that will inspire anyone who has ever had to...

October 1, 2020

On 22nd February 2020, Welsh ice swimmer Cath Pendleton made history by becoming the first person to ever swim an Ice Mile inside the polar Antarctic circle. She swam in Hanusse Bay in latitude of 66:56 South.   Cath is a single mum to two gorgeous girls and doing exercise has always helped her to manage her mental health. Cath discovered her passion for winter/ice swimming in September 2015, since th...

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