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Day 41-45: Tekapo to Fern Burn Hut. 2419km-2640.5km - 🥾Te Araroa Trail - The South Island 🇳🇿

Day 41/64 🥾Te Araroa Trail - The South Island 🇳🇿

📍Supported by ZOLEO @zoleolifeeurope #ChallengeWithZoleo

ℹ️Stats: Saturday 10th February

Weather: Sunny ☀️ & Windy 🌬️

From: Lake Tekapo

Start time: 9.15am

To: Twizel

End time: 2.30pm

Accommodation: Twizel Holiday Park.

Terrain: grey gravel and pavement.

🚲Km: 54km

🦶Steps: n/a

Total Km: 2473/3028 = 82% ✅

💰Costs: Accommodation $22 - I’m camping…. I’ve got some industrial strength duct tape which I hope will work tonight!

Thai Dinner $26

Subjective feeling out of 10 on:

Enjoyment: 6/10

Fatigue: 3/10 a few tough moments but generally good going.

Ease of terrain: 3/10 a beautiful track to cycle 🚲

⭐️Highlights: incredible views of the lake and the colour was incredible 😍

dinner with the girls Destroyer & Erika

🏔️Challenges: strong head wind made the cycling hard going at times.

💭Thoughts: I’ve made plans to get a bus to Wanaka tomorrow and to stay there for a few days until my new tent pole arrives. It would not be sensible for me to head into the mountains without a working tent.

The weather can change too quickly in NZ 🇳🇿 and I don’t want to out myself and/or others at risk. It’s the most sensible decision for me to make. It means I will miss 143km of the trial between Twizel and Wanaka.


Day 42+43+44/64

🥾Te Araroa Trail - The South Island 🇳🇿

📍Supported by ZOLEO @zoleolifeeurope #ChallengeWithZoleo

Travel Day to Wanaka & 2 rests days

ℹ️Stats: 11th - 13th February

Weather: hot & sunny ☀️

From: Twizel

Start time: 1.40pm bus ride

To: Wanaka

End time: 4pm ish

Accommodation: hostel / 3 bed room

Total Km: 2616/3028 = 86% ✅

💰Costs: Intercity Bus $100

Accommodation 2 nights $130

Good resupply $120

Another night $65 (had to extend as the pole hadn’t arrived)

More food $85


⭐️Highlights: Wanaka is a nice town and everything is super close. The supermarket is across the street and Outdoor Pursuits is next to that.

🏔️Challenges: none. Wanaka is a nice place to stay for a few days. The lake is pretty with gorgeous views of the mountains.

💭Thoughts: the costs increase quickly when you hop on a bus and when you’re staying somewhere for a few days.

I didn’t expect to drop $500 in 3 days. I wasn’t eating out. I wasn’t excessive on accommodation (this is a standard hostel price in the busier places). I bought food (no booze) and cooked in the hostel kitchen.


Day 45/64 🥾Te Araroa Trail - The South Island 🇳🇿

📍Supported by ZOLEO @zoleolifeeurope #ChallengeWithZoleo

Motatapu Alpine Track

ℹ️Stats: Wednesday 14th February ❤️

Weather: windy as 💨

From: Wānaka

Start time: 12.50pm - late start as I needed to wait for the tent pole.

To: Fern Burn Hut (new - great condition - sleeps 12)

End time: 8.10pm

Accommodation: mattress - hut - bottom level / 4 other people.

Terrain: gravel, forest tracks well marked paths through forests

🥾Km: 25.5

🦶Steps: 32,752

Total Km: 2640.5/3028 = 87% ✅

💰Costs: $0 - so good to leave town again and get walking.

Subjective feeling out of 10 on:

Enjoyment: 6/10

Fatigue: 3/10 - a person next to me- woke everyone up by screaming 😱 super loud at 11.30pm. I think they had a nightmare. It was hard to get back to sleep after that.

Ease of terrain: 4/10

⭐️Highlights: tent pole has been fixed 🥳. I don’t fully trust the tent anymore and don’t want to set it up in any windy conditions. Unless I have to!

🏔️Challenges: the wind was loud and very constant while walking around the lake.

My left ankle gave way as I was descending down a steep section. I was so close to going over the edge- it scared me. I need to be more careful taking long steps down with my left foot.

💭Thoughts: I’m getting ready for the end of the trail now. I’m getting to the point where I’ve had enough and just want it over and done with. I don’t know if other people feel like this in long trails?



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