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This is a starting point to help you with planning your future challenges and adventures.


The information below is not going to contain everything you need to know. However, it will point you in the right direction and help you when you are at the beginning of your journey.  


This is a work in progress - things change and evolve and I will do my best to keep the information and links updated. If you have information you would like added e.g. blog posts, websites, podcasts, etc then please e-mail me the information .

Ps - Links to other websites and resources are not endorsements. Please do your own research as well. 



At this moment I don't believe there is a resource for women in the world of adventure and physical challenges which details the challenges available and the records held by women all in one place. With Tough Girl Challenges I hope to start to close this  this gap in the information.

AIM: Create a central information hub for  women who love adventures and physical challenges. So anyone who comes to the website with a specific interest - whether that’s rowing an ocean, training for an ultra marathon,  wanting to climb mountains or become polar explorers. There will be a clear starting point.

MY MISSION: Increase the amount of female role models in the media especially in relation to adventure and physical challenges. Thereby encouraging more women to get fit and active, to challenge themselves and to take on new adventures.

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