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Shirin Gerami

Trailblazing Triathlete & Advocate for Change who made history as Iran's first female triathlete to compete in a world championship.

Mari Funabashi

Film Composer, Endurance Cyclist, and Triathlete, Bringing Together Her Passion for Music and Outdoor Adventure to Create a New Film - “Beyond Words” - to Amplify the Voices of Underrepresented Folks and Inspire Change.

Jennifer Price

From Army Officer to Extreme Endurance Athlete. 12 challenges in 12 months. Including an Ironman, a multistage desert ultra-marathon, Mt. Aconcagua, and a 1000 mile self supported Lands’ End to John O’Groats cycle.

Claire Smith

Ultra endurance athlete - Only person in the UK to have finished a continuous Double Deca (20x Ironman). Training for the Arch To Arc Triathlon (Sept 2022).

Abhejali Bernardová

Completing an extreme ultra-triathlon from Dover to Prague (1,111 km) in 7 days 12hrs and 5 mins.

Denise Mueller-Korenek

Goal Setting, Overcoming Performance Anxiety and becoming the fastest cyclist on earth!

Jen McMahon and Kara Wilson

Road to 50 Miles

Cath Pendleton

First Person to swim one mile inside the Antarctic Polar Circle!

Karen Darke

Modern-day ‘Alchemist’, passionate about turning challenge into opportunity and transforming the difficult stuff into ‘gold’

Dr Kate Edwards & Dr Blair Green

Go Ahead, Stop and Pee: Running During Pregnancy and Postpartum

Laura Marshall

First solo Australian woman to complete one of the world’s toughest ultra-triathlons – The Enduroman Arch to Arc.

Mara Hafezi

The Fit Londoner: Ironman UK, Wadi Rum Ultra marathon 2018 & The Speed Project running from LA to Las Vegas as fast as possible in 2019!

Laura Kennington

The North Sea Cycle route, the world's longest signposted cycle route, 8 countries, 6,000km #GreatNorthRide

Chrissie Wellington

British Triathlete and 4X World Ironman Champion (2007, 2008, 2009 and 2011), wife, mum and Global Head of Health and Wellbeing at Parkrun.

Janine Doggett

37, freelance writer & blogger, from Bristol who cycled LEJOG solo via the 3 peaks in 2018!

Anna-Marie Watson

Performance coach & founder Reach for More. Endurance athlete recovering #UTMB2017 #HMDS2017.

Melissa Urie

2nd Women to ever finish the EPIC 5 - 5 Ironman in 5 days across 5 different islands in Hawaii!

Laura Gush

Running The Ironman and Marathon Des Sables with No Background in Sports, Qualified Dr and PT

Jen Brown

Running and Triathlon Coach and founder of Sparta Chicks!

Susie Cheetham

Professional Triathlete. 6th place at Kona 2015.

Helen Russell

World Champion - Duathlete & Triathlete

Dr. Katie Myint

Running for Enjoyment and Mental Well-Being

Paula Craig MBE

Embracing the Unknown - Transforming Challenges into Triumphs in Sports and Life, as she charts new paths, inspires resilience, and encourages others to fearlessly pursue their dreams.

Nirjala Tamrakar Wright

First Nepalese woman to complete a full-distance triathlon

Kelda Wood

First female adaptive athlete to summit Aconcagua and row solo across the Atlantic Ocean!

Patti Shales Lefkos

Journalist, Adventure Traveller and Author of: Nepal One day at a time.

Angela White

aka The Running Granny, Completing JOGLE (875 miles) at 60 years old in 18 days, 10 hours and 3 minutes!

Amy Palmiero-Winters

Extreme Ultra Endurance Athlete and first female amputee to finish Western States and the Badwater Ultramarathon!

Dr. Tekemia Dorsey

Ironman & CEO of the International Association of Black Triathletes (IABT)

Selene Yeager

‘The Fit Chick’, Pro Mountain Bike Racer, Author & All-American Ironman triathlete

Fenella Langridge

Professional Triathlete over 70.3 distance

Caroline Bramwell

Diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis - A self-confessed couch potato - Her journey to becoming a triathlete!

Natalie Moore

Quitting her job and heading to Madagascar for 6 weeks on a marine conservation program! & Carola Fekter - Running 12 marathons in 12 months!

Jen Benson

Adventuring with her partner and two young children, living in a tent for 18 months while exploring Britain’s National Parks.

Carolin Botterill

52 year old mum of 3 who became an accidental ultra runner!

Paula McGuire

“Must Try Harder” an unlikely adventurer who is an anxiety survivor.

Hélène Rossiter

Triathlete, Runner, Explorer, Vangirl #wherewheelsgo

Adelaide Goodeve

Recovering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and going on to become an Ironman!

Sarah Logan

43 married with 2 girls - diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer, this is her story of survival, positivity and training for a triathlon while undergoing treatment.

Rachel Bown

PE Teacher & Triathlete who was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2014. This is her journey back to fitness.

Kathryn Bertine

Professional Cyclist & Activist - Advocating for Equality in Women’s Sports.

Gale Bernhardt

USA Olympic Triathlon Team & Olympic Cycling Coach

Louise Minchin

former BBC Breakfast presenter, endurance athlete and author of two books, Fearless Adventures with Extraordinary Women and Dare to Tri.

Rogeema Kenny

Ultrarunner and 2x Ironman finisher. 1st person in South Africa to finish a full Ironman in hijab. She believes that your life choices should never be a limiting factor in your goals and achievements. Don't change yourself, change the game

Jennifer Strong McConachie

Adventure Athlete, Fellow of the RGS and Author of “Go Far: How Endurance Sports Help You Win At Life”.

Donna McConnell

The Iron Empress. Ironwoman - IM Barcelona 2021. Working to increase female participation in Ironman races.

Katie Spotz

Endurance Athlete & WR Holder. 5X Ironman, cycled across the USA, run 100 miles nonstop in under 20 hours, and rowed solo across the Atlantic Ocean.

Sue Barrett

First ‘Adventure Queen’ Grant Winner - A mother and daughter human powered mountain adventure of 1,300 miles, through 8 countries along the spine of the Alps.

Khadijah Diggs

Team USA and Silver IronMan All-World Triathlete. Her mission is to Promote a Positive Image of Muslim Women and Islam in General through Sport.

Ailsa MacDonald

Ultra Runner and Distance Triathlete, Canadian National Champion for 100 miles & Ironman Canada 2018 winner.

Paula McGuire

Everyday adventurer, anxiety survivor, trier, fail-er, author. Currently trying something new every day in 2020.

Melissa Urie

First women to complete UberMan. Ultra-Triathlon - A 21-mile swim, 400-mile bike ride followed by a 135 mile run through Death Valley!

Kate Swoboda

Author of The Courage Habit: Sharing more about how to accept your fears, release the past, and Live Your Courageous Life

Ellie Blake

Her journey to Ironman Wales & Meg Saunders - Hiking the Inca Trail and signing up for a marathon!

Melissa Urie

Mental health nurse completing Ultra-man Hawaii and in training for UBERMAN in October 2019.

Tricia Downing

Wheelchair Athlete, Mental Toughness Speaker, Author, Helping you GET YOUR GRIT ON.

Helen Croydon

This Girl Ran: Tales of a Party Girl Turned Triathlete  - ditching a glamorous city girl lifestyle, and two years later qualifying to be a GB age-group triathlete!

Laura Kennington

Kayaking in Russia, cycling the Wild Atlantic Way and circumnavigating 3 of the Channel Islands in an extreme triathlon!

Shu Pillinger

1st British woman to complete RAAM Solo in 2015 after broken clavicle in 2014.

Anna-Marie Watson

Ultra endurance athlete & performance coach, training for the UTMB in September!

Parys Edwards

Professional triathlete representing Great Britain.

Nics Wetherill

British Army Dr, Ironman finisher & training for the Ex Ice Maiden Challenge!

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