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New Zealand

Welcome to the Tough Girl Challenges resources page tailored specifically for women who seek adventure in the breathtaking landscapes of New Zealand. Whether you're drawn to the rugged mountains, pristine beaches, or lush forests, this page serves as your starting point for planning unforgettable experiences in Aotearoa (Māori name for New Zealand. It translates to "land of the long white cloud”).

New Zealand, with its diverse terrain and rich cultural heritage, offers boundless opportunities for exploration and adventure. From hiking the iconic trails of the Southern Alps to kayaking through the tranquil waters of Milford Sound, there's something for every adventurous spirit.

As you embark on your journey, remember that the information provided here is just the beginning. It's a curated selection of resources designed to point you in the right direction and inspire your next adventure. Feel free to explore the links and recommendations, but also conduct your own research to ensure your safety and enjoyment.

At Tough Girl Challenges, our mission is to empower women to push their boundaries, embrace challenges, and carve their own path in the world of adventure. By highlighting the stories and achievements of female adventurers, we aim to increase representation and inspire more women to step out of their comfort zones and into the great outdoors.

I walked the length of the Te Ararora Trail in 2023/2024 and have spoken to other women who have taken on this hiking/running challenge. As well as speaking with women who have cycled the length of the country.

So whether you're dreaming of completing the TA, or climbing Mt. Cook, or doing one of the Great Walks. Be inspired by the women who have shared their stories with us. They provide top tips and advice to help you achieve your next adventure. 

If you have any suggestions or resources to add, please don't hesitate to reach out. Together, let's empower women to embrace adventure and unlock their full potential.

Happy exploring!

Websites and Resources


Department of Conservation -

Te Araroa Trail -

Great Walks of New Zealand -

Great Rides of New Zealand -

Previous TGP Guests Who Hiked the Te Araroa Trail

Arlette Laan

First woman to hike all 11 National Scenic Trails in USA. 35,000+ miles hiked!

Katrina Megget

Her battle with self doubt and self-worth - walking the Te Araroa Trail in New Zealand and sailing around Great Britain with her partner on a 28-ft boat.

Miriam Lancewood

Woman in the Wilderness: A Story of Survival, Love and Self-Discovery in New Zealand

Sarah Williams

Reflections and Learnings from the 3,000km Te Araroa Trail, New Zealand.

Shona Macpherson

Counsellor and Life Coach - climbing all 282 Munros in Scotland and taking on her next adventure - the Te Araroa Trail in New Zealand.

Josephine Anselin

Running the length of New Zealand in 99 days, cycling across Sardinia, Taiwan and down the West coast of America!

Sarah Williams

Planning and Preparation for thru hiking the 3,000 km Te Araroa Trail, New Zealand.

Alex Mason

Thru-Hiker turned Ocean Rower! Rowed the Atlantic Ocean - January 2020

Alice Bond

Taking a sabbatical from work and hiking the 1300km across the South Island of New Zealand followed by travelling in China and Japan!

Previous TGP Guests Who Cycled in New Zealand

Frances Taylor

Running, building self confidence, and quitting her job to cycle 3,000 miles around New Zealand!

Tiphaine Muller

Tiphaine Muller - aka Little Miss Pedals - Cycled 20,000+ km over 14 months throughout Europe and Africa.

Anna McNuff

Racing in the Kathmandu Coast to Coast, New Zealand & her next challenge - Barefoot Britain (100 Barefoot Marathons!)

Charlotte Garner

Discovering the power of running and cycling in midlife. Advocating for the physical and mental benefits of sports for women in their 50s.

Faye Shepherd

Climbing Kilimanjaro, cycling the length of New Zealand and spending 6 months cycling the Andes with Anna McNuff.

Christine Armstrong

Has just returned from 2 years cycling the world!


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