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Dr. Meera Velankar

Scientist turned tandem cyclist. Exploring India since 2015. First woman to complete India’s Golden Quadrilateral, which connects Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata, on a tandem bike (6,000km in 41 days).

Mari Funabashi

Film Composer, Endurance Cyclist, and Triathlete, Bringing Together Her Passion for Music and Outdoor Adventure to Create a New Film - “Beyond Words” - to Amplify the Voices of Underrepresented Folks and Inspire Change.

Vanessa Ruck

AKA The Girl on a Bike: From Adversity to Adventure on Two Wheels.

Laura Massey-Pugh

Laura Massey-Pugh - Her Inspiring Journey Around the World - 180 days on the back of a tandem with her husband. Persevering in the face of challenges and setting a new Guinness World Record.

Annijke Wade

Adaptive Athlete & Community Advocate. Passionate about making the outdoors and mountain biking a safe space for all.

Meaghan Hackinen

Ultra-endurance cyclist - Trans Am Bike Race, NorthCape4000, and Paris-Brest-Paris brevet finisher, as well as the 2019 24-Hour World Time Trial Champion.

Anisa Aubin

Experienced ultra cyclist competing events such as the Transcontinental Race, the Transatlantic way and GBDURO Adventure Challenge.

Abi Melton

Neurodivergent, Fat Cyclist, Co-Author of ‘Gears for Queers’. Promoting body positivity and encouraging everyone to get on their bike.

Kumbirai Kariwo

Senior NHS Nurse and climber - sharing her love for the outdoors to inspire others to explore and be adventurous.

Quinn Brett

First person to hand-cycle the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route from the Canadian border to the Mexico border.

Helen Dainty

Full time global hobo cycling the world on AU$100/week. 5 years in and 58,000 km cycled so far…

Marcia Roberts

First woman to record an official time for cycling 1,725 miles from Lands End to John O’Groats and back, after completing her epic journey in 11 days, 13 hrs and 13 mins.

Abbie Barnes

#AbbieBikesBritain - A 55 day expedition cycling 2,000 miles from John O Groats to Lands End, via each of the UK's 15 National Parks and walking their highest peaks.

Jessie Stevens

Youth Climate Activist, outdoors enthusiast and founder of the movement People Pedal Power. Cycling 570 miles from Devon to Glasgow #ride2COP26

Nahla Summers

WR for riding 5,000 miles on an ElliptiGO Bike across the UK while writing “KINDNESS” in massive Strava Art!

Jessica Hatcher-Moore

Journalist & author living on a hillside in North Wales, writing about improbable things; most recently, childbirth. AFTER BIRTH: What nobody tells you – How to Recover Body and Mind.

Angela White

aka The Running Granny, Completing JOGLE (875 miles) at 60 years old in 18 days, 10 hours and 3 minutes!

Cadi Lambert

An Adventurous Girl - Blog on adventure, travel, fitness & mental health!

Susan Doram

Covert Adventurer, Pfaffing & spending 2.5 years cycling around the world!

Vedangi Kulkarni

The youngest woman to have circumnavigated the world on bicycle. 160 days to pedal 29,000km, across 14 countries!

Alex Mason

Thru-Hiker turned Ocean Rower! Rowed the Atlantic Ocean - January 2020

Anna Mcnuff

Running 2,300+ miles through Great Britain barefoot!

Mimi Anderson

Endurance Athlete/Multiple World Record Holder - Running across America, Dealing with Failure, Overcoming Fears, and getting into swimming and biking!

Kathryn Bertine

Athlete and advocate for equality in women’s sports.

Sarah Outen

Adventures by land & sea, Author 'Dare to Do’, Psychotherapist-in-training, Award-winning feature film #Home in cinemas now!

Jenny Graham

Fastest woman to cycle around the world. 18,000 miles, over 4 continents, through 16 countries, completing the trip solo and unsupported in just 124 days!

Alice Morrison

Racing in the Tour D’Afrique from Cairo to Cape Town on a bike; world first trek from the highest point of North Africa to the Atlantic Ocean, and running the Marathon Des Sables

Fiona Quinn

Paddle boarding the length of Great Britain, plus setting 3 world SUP records!

Mel Nicholls

Paralympian, Endurance and Adventure Athlete, Handcycle LEJOG World Record Holder.

Shona Macpherson

Taking on new challenges at 40 & her preparation for thru hiking the Pacific Crest Trail - SOBO in 2019!

Melissa Urie

Mental health nurse completing Ultra-man Hawaii and in training for UBERMAN in October 2019.

Kate Rawles

Outdoor philosopher, writer, activist and cyclist. Cycling South America for the Life Cycle biodiversity bamboo bike ride!

Ayesha McGowan 

Her mission is to become the first ever African-American pro female road racer!

Susie Mitchell

How she trained thru pregnancy and won her 1st World Masters Track Championship 4 months after giving birth!

Pip Stewart

Cycling 13,000 miles from Malaysia back home to London and most recently paddling the entire length of The Essequibo, South America's third largest river, from source to sea

Lindsey Cole

Adventurer & Storyteller - Who walked the length of the Rabbit Proof Fence in Australia!

Hope Virgo

Runner, Author & Mental Health Campaigner

Fiona Quinn

Walked Great Britain; 993 miles, solo and unsupported over 57 days.  (And then cycled it!)

Melissa Urie

2nd Women to ever finish the EPIC 5 - 5 Ironman in 5 days across 5 different islands in Hawaii!

Shu Pillinger

1st British woman to complete RAAM Solo in 2015 after broken clavicle in 2014.

Gina Cleere

Female soloist winner of Revolve24 in 2016

Sophie Radcliffe

From Challenge Sophie! 

Ali Mahoney

Sport Psychology Coach who rode a bike 767 miles from South Wales to Chamonix!

Juliana Buhring

Ultra-endurance cyclist & Guinness World Record for Fastest Woman to Cycle the World!

Kate Leeming

Australian Cycle Enthusiast, Educator, and First Women to Cycle Across the ‘New' Russia!

Helen Russell

World Champion - Duathlete & Triathlete

Meaghan Hackinen

Bikepacker and writer sharing more about her new book - Shifting Gears: Coast to Coast on the Trans Am Bike Race

Charlotte Garner

Discovering the power of running and cycling in midlife. Advocating for the physical and mental benefits of sports for women in their 50s.

Tegan Phillips

Adventure Cyclist and Cartoonist. Currently preparing for a second attempt at being the fastest woman to cycle from Cairo to Cape Town.

Maddy Collinge

Runner and running coach. Mother of 4 and Nana to 3. Trying to fight off ageing and prove that we can go on doing stuff long after we thought we couldn’t...

Dr. Carla Benton

Clinical Psychologist, queer vegan and a lover of all things outdoors. Awarded the Ultra Distance Scholarship in 2021 which is aimed at increasing representation of BAME cyclists in ultra distance cycling.

Nirjala Tamrakar Wright

aka "Mountain Queen” - The Mountain Biking National Champion of Nepal from 2001 to 2012!

Lael Wilcox

Ultra-endurance bike rider and racer who won the Trans Am Bike Race in 2016, and set Tour Divide's women's course record on an individual time trial in 2015.

Abhejali Bernardová

Completing an extreme ultra-triathlon from Dover to Prague (1,111 km) in 7 days 12hrs and 5 mins.

Sophie Ruffles

Mum, runner, & wild swimmer. Host of @whatnextmumpodcast 1x100km ultra, 7x marathons. Fast-packed The Jurassic Coast!

Laura Massey-Pugh

Ultra/long distance cyclist, planning to break the tandem around the World Record with her husband Stevie in 2022.

Leah Goldstein

The 1st female ever to WIN the overall SOLO division of the gruelling Race Across Across America in its 39 year history!

Biola Babawale

Chairperson and ride leader for Velociposse Club. A cycling club for all women, all trans, and all non-binary people in London.

Tiphaine Muller

aka Little Miss Pedals - Cycled 20,000+ km over 14 months throughout Europe and Africa.

Katie Spotz

Endurance Athlete & WR Holder. 5X Ironman, cycled across the USA, run 100 miles nonstop in under 20 hours, and rowed solo across the Atlantic Ocean.

Emma Kingston

Teacher, Outdoor Adventurer and Author of Bikepacking England 20 multi-day off-road cycling adventures.

Denise Mueller-Korenek

Goal Setting, Overcoming Performance Anxiety and becoming the fastest cyclist on earth!

Jessie Leong

Award winning filmmaker, brand ambassador for Montane and current Ordnance Survey #GetOutside Champion

Sue Barrett

First ‘Adventure Queen’ Grant Winner - A mother and daughter human powered mountain adventure of 1,300 miles, through 8 countries along the spine of the Alps.

Jools Walker

AKA Lady Velo, is a cycling advocate, activist, blogger, presenter and award winning author.

Karen Darke

Modern-day ‘Alchemist’, passionate about turning challenge into opportunity and transforming the difficult stuff into ‘gold’

Elle Linton

Fitness Professional & Blogger at Keep it SimpELLE

Dr. Kate Leeming

Cycling the entire Namibian coastline, a 1621km sand cycling expedition.

Helen Langridge

Cycled LEJOG solo and unsupported in 2015, then in 2017 cycled 30,000km around the world with her future husband Mike.

Shona Macpherson

Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail - 2,650 miles SOBO from Canada to Mexico!

Rachel Yaseen

49 year old mother and full time adventurer, cycling the world and living a nomadic lifestyle on her terms.

Lindsey Cole

Adventuring with ADHD, Swimming the length of the River Thames as a Mermaid & Swimming with Strangers!

Josephine Anselin

Running the length of New Zealand in 99 days, cycling across Sardinia, Taiwan and down the West coast of America!

Monika Sattler

Management Consultant turned World Record Holder - 1st Women to cycle the Vuelta a España - 3,058km with 49,337m of climbing!

Pippa Lyon

Fighting for Gender Equality with the InternationElles by riding the Tour De France 2019

Pippa Lyon

Completed the Race Around Ireland in 2017, had a baby in 2018 and is riding in the Tour De France 2019!

Anna Mcnuff

Racing in the Kathmandu Coast to Coast, New Zealand & her next challenge - Barefoot Britain (100 Barefoot Marathons!)

Jenny Tough

Running across 2 mountain ranges - the Atlas of Morocco, and the Bolivian Andes!

Sarah Williams

Cycling the Pacific Coast Highway & Baja Divide

Tricia Downing

Wheelchair Athlete, Mental Toughness Speaker, Author, Helping you GET YOUR GRIT ON.

Olivia Round

Embarked on a 5,000 mile solo bicycle journey across the United States, in an effort to face her deep-seated phobia of men

Katie-Jane L’Herpiniere

Model turned adventurer, walking the entire length of the Great Wall of China in 2007 & doing the longest crossing of the Southern Patagonian Ice Cap by a woman.

Anna McNuff

Biking across Europe, Cycling the Andes with Faye Shepherd, & Driving across Canada in a Van!

Maria Leijerstam

Welsh British polar adventurer who was the first person to cycle to the South Pole from the edge of the continent in 2013

Meike Stones

“Powered By Me” - A year-long human-powered lifestyle adventure

Laura Bingham

English adventurer best known for completing a cross-continent cycle of South America in July 2016.

Rahma Barclay

Cycled 3,500 km through 13 countries from London to Jerusalem raising money for Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP)

Jenny Tough

Running 900 km via the Tien Shan mountains in Kyrgyzstan!

Lorna North

From “Queen of the Mile” - Talking about travel, running, cycling, her experience of a DNF & what’s in store for the future!

Richelle Olsen

An Aussie 30-something, plus sized everyday woman whose cycled nearly 5,000 kms from Canada to Mexico, trekked the Inca Trail and hiked to Everest base camp!

Kathryn Bertine

Professional Cyclist & Activist - Advocating for Equality in Women’s Sports.

Gale Bernhardt

USA Olympic Triathlon Team & Olympic Cycling Coach

Fadeelah Kenny

Sharing More about Endurance Running, Motherhood, and Running Comrades Marathon 3x

Claire Wyatt

Passionate about bicycle touring and sharing stories of kindness from around the world. Currently cycling 16,000km around Australia.

Julia Goodfellow-Smith

An ordinary woman doing something extraordinary. She has decided to live her life to the fullest by living her bucket list, one dream at a time.

Kate Strong

3x cycling world record holder, high performance coach & climate advocate. In June 2023, Kate will start a 3-month cycle (on a bamboo bike) around mainland Britain.

Vedangi Kulkarni

Adventurer and endurance athlete moving into mountain biking and crossing Svalbard on skies.

Abby Popplestone

Novice cyclist - Bikepacking the GB Divide solo & unsupported. Raising money for Ovarian Cancer Action.

Helen Butters

Having a positive mindset during times of immense stress. Lessons learned from rowing the Atlantic Ocean.

Rebecca Lowe

Author of “The Slow Road to Tehran” - documenting her year-long cycling journey from London to Tehran.

Kelly Smith

On the Go - Being passionate about the outdoors and showing people there is a place for physical activity outside of elite sport.

Eleanor Carey

Adventurer and Ocean Rower, 2x GWR holder for rowing 2,400 miles across the Pacific Ocean.

Annie Voigt

Running 1,000km solo from the lowest to highest point of Germany, after having started running only six months prior.

Jessie Stevens

Youth Climate Activist, Cycled 570 miles from Devon to Glasgow for COP26 #ride2COP26

Aneela McKenna

Diversity, Inclusion and Well-being manager, MTB Guide and Coach, Go Where Scotland, Founder of Mòr Diversity.

Jcy Ho

One of Hong Kong’s top ultra runners. She won VMM 70km and was the HK50 Series winner 2018/19.

Vera Ngosi-Sambrook

Endurance Cyclist & Engineer - Competing in her first 2,000km self-supported endurance cycling race, The Pan Celtic Race 21.

Krystal Salvent

Her passion for cycling and being a co-leader of Black Girls Do Bike Denver. Helping to promote cycling among a community of BIPOC women, femmes, and girls in Colorado.

Frankie Dewar

Writer, speaker and content creator, cycling 3,175km around the UK. Host of the Extraordinary Ordinary You Podcast.

Renata Chlumska

Adventure athlete who became the first Swedish and Czech woman to climb Mount Everest and in 2005 did a circumnavigate of the lower 48 States of the United States by her own power.

Catherine Dixon (Cat) and Rachael Marsden (Raz)

Cycling around the world to set a new WR for being the fastest women to circumnavigate on a tandem!

Selene Yeager

‘The Fit Chick’, Pro Mountain Bike Racer, Author & All-American Ironman triathlete

Gina Johansen

Walking 3,000km the length of Norway, plus a solo crossing of Lake Baikal in Siberia!

Nahla Summers

Accidental Adventurer, Founder of Sunshine People, spreading kindness around the world.

Nienke Oostra

Mountain biking the Great Himalaya trail in Nepal

Jasmijn Muller

Ultra Cycling, breaking records, dealing with failure and saddle sores!

Paula Reid

The Adventure Psychologist - Going knowingly into the unknown

Kat Davis

Walking the Camino del Norte in Europe, walking the Kumano Kodo Trail in Japan and bike packing the length of Japan, over 4,000km!

Kiko Matthews

KIK PLASTIC 2019 - Cycling 6,900km around the UK and Ireland’s coasts, beach cleaning and building a community against plastic!

Hannah Dayan

Getting back into cycling and doing Cyclo-cross!

Laura Kennington

The North Sea Cycle route, the world's longest signposted cycle route, 8 countries, 6,000km #GreatNorthRide

Tracy Herbert

Grandmother with Type 1 Diabetes, who completed a solo 3,527-mile bicycle ride from San Francisco to New York!

Anna Mitchell

“Fat chick goes AWOL” - 30-something accountant who dreamed of cycling, hiking and paddling her way around the world & how it all went wrong!

Callie Morgigno

Bike touring in Asia, climbing Denali and Aconcagua & finishing a 5,000 mile unsupported ski, kayak and bike from Arctic Russia in mid-winter, to the Bosporus Strait in Istanbul!

Loretta Henderson

Quit her normal life at 36, and having never cycled before, set off to cycle around the world!

Janine Doggett

37, freelance writer & blogger, from Bristol who cycled LEJOG solo via the 3 peaks in 2018!

Helen Croydon

This Girl Ran: Tales of a Party Girl Turned Triathlete  - ditching a glamorous city girl lifestyle, and two years later qualifying to be a GB age-group triathlete!

Hélène Rossiter

Triathlete, Runner, Explorer, Vangirl #wherewheelsgo

Faye Shepherd

Climbing Kilimanjaro, cycling the length of New Zealand and spending 6 months cycling the Andes with Anna McNuff.

Laura Kennington

Kayaking in Russia, cycling the Wild Atlantic Way and circumnavigating 3 of the Channel Islands in an extreme triathlon!

Christine Armstrong

Has just returned from 2 years cycling the world!

Ness Knight

Accidental adventurer & explorer, whose cycled solo + unsupported 2000 miles across the USA, & first female in history to swim the length of the Thames River!

Frances Taylor

Running, building self confidence, and quitting her job to cycle 3,000 miles around New Zealand!

Philippa Cox

Shares more about her solo, Cycle Odyssey a Journey of 5,000 miles from Northern Norway to Southern Spain!

Jill Homer

Ultra Endurance Cyclist & Runner - Talking about the Iditarod Trail & the Tour Divide!

Anna Mcnuff

Adventurer, Speaker & Mischief Maker! She has cycled 11,000 miles around every state in the USA & ran the full length of New Zealand!

Sarah Outen

Adventurer who has just completed her 4.5 year expedition ‘London2London: Via the World’

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