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Sophie Ruffles - Mum, runner, & wild swimmer. Host of @whatnextmumpodcast 1x100km ultra, 7x marathon

Renata Chlumska  - Adventure athlete who became the first Swedish and Czech woman to climb Mount Everest and in 2005 did a circumnavigate of the lower 48 States of the United States by her own power.

Sophie in her own words:

“I am a solicitor and mum of one, currently pregnant with my second. I’m a runner, outdoor swimmer, paddle boarder and host of the What Next Mum Podcast.

I have been running for 12 years and have run plenty of half and full marathons.

When I had my son I had a real fear that I would lose my identity as a runner but that hasn’t been the case.

Since having him I cycled the 100 mile ride London 4 months post birth and ran a one day 100km/62 mile race.

Since then I have continued to do my own self made running adventures, including running the Jurassic Coast over 3 days, the West Mendip Way and running along the Wye Valley.

I started the What Next Mum Podcasts, so I could talk to like minded women and share their stories to inspire other mums to ditch the mum guilt and get out there.

I am also a keen outdoor swimmer, this is my fifth winter. I’m a rubbish swimmer but love being in the water and will be swimming to the Isle of Wight in September."

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Show notes

  • Who is Sophie

  • Being pregnant with her 2nd child

  • Being an outdoor enthusiast

  • Getting pregnant at 40

  • Feeling a little bit anxious

  • Growing up in a large family

  • Liking running at school

  • Turning 16 and dropping all sports

  • Moving to Japan for 3 years

  • Starting work as a solicitor and taking up running again

  • Her running journey

  • Being encouraged to get into running

  • Identifying as a runner only recently

  • Getting into trail running

  • Stopping and starting with running

  • Life in her 20s

  • Needing time for herself after her first child was born

  • Training for a 100k/62 mile race in a day

  • Being told she didn’t need to finish the race

  • The challenges of running 100k in a day

  • Trying to enjoy the day as much as possible

  • Giving birth…

  • Getting back into running

  • Using the bike for cross training

  • Starting the What Next Mum Podcast

  • Wanting to connect with other mum runners

  • Finding time during lockdown

  • Why it’s ok for mums to put themselves first

  • Mum guilt

  • Having a good support network

  • The power of support from other women

  • Running with her brother Bob

  • Nutrition and eating while ultra running

  • Trying to stay away from sugar

  • Carrying gear in a 25L bag

  • Structuring the day

  • Magical moments on trips and type 2 fun!

  • Getting in to FKTs (Fastest Knowns Times)

  • Being less interested in racing

  • Wanting to run the Isle of White Coast Path

  • Working with a coach and using a 16 week training plan

  • Getting some new ideas for training

  • Cold water swimming while pregnant

  • Running while pregnant and supporting the bump

  • How to connect with Sophie

  • Final words of advice


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The Tough Girl Podcast is being sponsored by Inov-8

Use TOUGHGIRL15 to get your 15% discount. Click Here.

Get involved with the #MarchDailyMile Challenge.


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