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Te Araroa Trail

New Zealand, November 2023 - March 2024

Join me on my 3,000km Te Araroa adventure,

 sponsored by ZOLEO.


Experience the beauty of New Zealand's North and South Islands as I hike through diverse landscapes, from sun-soaked beaches to snow-capped peaks.


Follow my journey, stay connected, and stay safe with ZOLEO.


Get inspired for your own Te Araroa experience.


ZOLEO connects with your phone to provide seamless global messaging that follows you in and out of mobile network coverage


Plus added safety features you can count on worldwide including:

+ industry-leading SOS alerting

+ 24/7 monitoring

+ 24/7 access to non-emergency medical advice

+ check-in

+ weather forecasts


ZOLEO offers unmatched peace of mind for you and for everyone waiting at home. 


Stay connected and safe while doing what you love.

ZOLEO solution schematic wo copy.jpg

Global Messaging, as It Was Meant to Be

ZOLEO provides truly seamless global messaging so you can always count on your connection.

  • Offers a familiar ‘texting’ experience from your phone or tablet

  • Extends your coverage by transmitting over satellite, mobile network and Wi-Fi

  • Supports long messages of 900+ characters (messaging app-to-app)

  • Makes it easy for contacts to reach you via your ZOLEO number/email

  • Enjoy better value for your money versus other satellite communicators

  • Puts you in control with a configurable message check interval

ZOLEO are sponsoring the Tough Girl Podcast - January 2024. 

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