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Plus Size Adventurers

Abi Melton

Neurodivergent, Fat Cyclist, Co-Author of ‘Gears for Queers’. Promoting body positivity and encouraging everyone to get on their bike.

Dr. Megan Banker

A plus-size outdoor adventurer and chiropractor on a mission to inspire and empower people to step into their power and live without limits. 

Anna Mitchell

“Fat chick goes AWOL” - 30-something accountant who dreamed of cycling, hiking and paddling her way around the world & how it all went wrong!

Julie Creffield

Author & Blogger behind “Too Fat to Run”: Tough Girl Podcast

Kisha Jarrett

Black Girl In The Woods. A journey of self-discovery, documenting a thru-hike of the 1,200 mile Pacific Northwest Trail.

Ashley Manning

A plus-size adventurer who promotes body inclusion, equity and diversity in the outdoors.

Mirna Valerio

“The Mirnavator” - Ultra Marathon Runner & National Geographic 2018 Adventurer of the Year!

Ragen Chastain

Fat activist & marathon finisher, who’s promoting health at every size.

Sam Ortiz

A plus size, Latinx, rock climber, mountaineer, and founder of Climb Big.

Catherine Wallis

Plus-size adventurer, working mum, doing ultra challenges around the world!

Richelle Olsen

An Aussie 30-something, plus sized everyday woman whose cycled nearly 5,000 kms from Canada to Mexico, trekked the Inca Trail and hiked to Everest base camp!

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