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Thank you to all the amazing patrons who support the mission of Tough Girl Challenges to increase the amount of female role models in the media.  


 "I love the work you do and the way you do it! I think it’s important to support women in their endeavours, especially the ones that may seem a bit out of the ordinary to some people, and to celebrate their achievements. With the Tough Girl Podcast and support group, that’s exactly what you’re doing."  

Laurens Bonnema

"I'm just so happy that there is a resource like Tough Girl Challenges that inspires, empowers and motivates women to have an active, adventurous and fulfilling life by providing positive roll models to look up to. I want to make sure that resources like this re around for the next generation of young women who are making their way into the big bad world! I'm also touched that this is important enough to another person that they (you) would make this your whole life, give up a traditional job and throw your whole self into to and I think you deserve to be financially supported for the work you do too." 


"There are a bazillion sports shows hosted by men, for men, about men. Your podcast is the only woman-hosted, women-focused sports show I know of! As modelling is a fundamental learning mode, your promotion of female athlete stories is a powerful tool for both social change and improving individual lives." 

Ann Ziegler

"I think about how much your podcast has influenced the decisions I've made in my life in just the last nine months since I've been listening, I listen to your podcast at work and so when I was thinking of what to donate, I wanted to donate one hour of my pay in gratitude for your podcast being a huge motivator in me stepping outside my comfort zone and trying something daring and brave. Consider me inspired and motivated!"

Stephanie Langridge

"I always benefitted from your podcasts and listened religiously. I decided to support after hearing your Reflections on 2016 episode. After hearing you talk about the amount of money you lose by producing the podcast and the difficulties of living with your parents I fully realized that this podcast cannot continue without the listeners supporting you and becoming a more active part of the movement you have created. So in summary, I think it was you acknowledging​ you needed support and asking for it that pushed me to start contributing.

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