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FYI - the sport of mountaineering has no governing body. Mountaineering lacks widely applied formal rules, regulations, and governance; mountaineers adhere to a large variety of techniques and philosophies when climbing mountains. A federation of alpine clubs, the International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation (UIAA), is the International Olympic Committee-recognized world organization for mountaineering and climbing. The premier award in mountaineering is the Piolet d'Or

Specific Challenges


Climbing all 14 8,000 metre peaks


- New information was released re the 14 8,000 metre summits - worth reading to get a different perspective - Jurgalski Drops Bomb On Mountaineering History, But… 


First Woman - Edurne Pasaban (Spanish) 2010 website - (Spanish) 


First Women without the use of supplementary oxygen. Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner (Austrian) August 2011


Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner 14 8000m peaks

2011 K2 8611m
2010 Mount Everest (8848m) – Tibet
2009 Lhotse – Nepal (8516m)
2008 Dhaulagiri I – Nepal (8167m)
2007 Broad Peak - Pakistan (8047m)
2006 Kangchendzönga - Nepal (8595m), SW Face)
2005 Gasherbrum II - Pakistan (8035 m, SW-Ridge)
2005 Shisha Pangma - Tibet (8013m, South Face)
2004 Gasherbrum I – Pakistan (8068 m, Japanercouloir)
2004 Annapurna I - Nepal (8091m)
2003 Nanga Parbat – Pakistan (8125m, Diamir face)
2002 Manaslu - Nepal (8163m)
2001 Makalu – Nepal (8463m)
2000 Sisha Panama - Tibet (Central summt, 8008m)
1998 Cho Oyu - Nepal/Tibet (8201m)


Youngest women going for the record - Adriana BrownLee (UK) - plans to finish by the end of 2023 - when she is 23 years old


Fastest women/fastest person - going for the record now 2022 - Kristin Harila - Norwegian. Climber, skier, runner
Guiding in Northern Norway 🇳🇴 World rec 🏔 Mt Everest + Mt Lhotse 8.5 hrs. Doing 14 8K peaks in 2022 #bremont14peaks

Follow on Instagram @kristin.harila 


The High Double - Everest & Lhotse back to back - first woman to have climbed both Everest and neighbouring 27,940-foot Lhotse in 24 hours Hilaree Nelson (2012)

First British women - Rebecca Ferry (2022)


K2 - 8,611 metres (28,251 ft) 2nd Highest mountain on earth. 


First women to climb K2 - Wanda Rutkiewicz - (Polish) 23 June 1986

First women to climb K2 with out the use of supplemental oxygen - Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner (Austrian) 23 Aug 2011


First Nepali Women to climb K2 - Pasang Lhamu Sherpa Akita, Maya Sherpa, and Dawa Yangzum Sherpa, 2014

First American & British women to climb K2 - Vanessa O'Brien - July 28th 2017

First German woman - Anja Blacha - climbed without the use of supplemental oxygen - On 25 July 2019,


Eldest woman to summit K2 - Vanessa O’Brien.  52 years old

Europe Based Challenges

“The Crown of Europe Challenge” - consists of the highest peaks of each European country; totalling 50 countries but 48 peaks. This difference is because both France and Italy share the summit of Mont Blanc, while Albania and Macedonia share the peak of Mount Korab.


49 peaks in 1 year - Emma Svensson is climbing the highest mountain in every country in Europe in 2017 - she ended up climbing 61 mountains. - Maybe first woman to complete this challenge? 


Currently doing the challenge Marta Misztal (Polish) no time limit -


82 peaks - Climbing all 4000 meter mountains in The Alps - Emma Svensson  - Started March 2022 - no time limit  Linktree info -

A solo climb of 13 peaks over 3,000m in the Sierra Nevada mountains of Spain  - Emily Woodhouse - Solo and unsupported,  set a record for the most 3,000m peaks climbed in a week – a self-designed 150km route with 11,500m of ascent.


UK Based Challenges 

3 Peaks Challenge, in 24 hours - Climbing the highest peaks in Scotland, England and Wales – Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon – in less than 24 hours, including all driving.


It’s an incredibly popular challenge, but some say it’s boring with too much driving and hiking in the dark – and it can be a big contributor to local environmental problems.


For info on how to complete the challenge responsibly, and to register your challenge, visit


Each year, around 30,000 people attempt the challenge.


Database for records -


National Three Peaks Challenge Cycle Solo (Female, without drafting) - Nina Barker — 2018 54 hours 22 minutes

National Three Peaks Challenge Cycle Solo (Female, drafting)- Samantha Stuart (Team SaveaLife) — 2019 63 hours 7 minutes

National Three Peaks Challenge Run (Female) - Tina Page — 2017 - 19 days 18 hours 35 minutes

Walking National Three Peaks Challenge - Ann Sayer MBE — 1979 - 7 days 31 minutes

National Three Peaks Challenge Relay Run (Female team) - No current holder



Yorkshire, 3 Peaks Challenge* - involves climbing Pen-y-ghent, Whernside and Ingleborough – Yorkshire’s three highest mountains – in under 12 hours. The route is about 39km (25 miles) with just over 1,500m of ascent.

History of the challenge -


Today the race starts and finishes on the playing field in Horton-in-Ribblesdale, near Settle – its home since 1975. The race is usually run on the last Saturday in April. More than 800 runners will set off to complete a punishing 37.4k (23.3 miles) with 1,609 metres (5,279ft) of ascent and descent.


Ladies competed for the first time in 1979 with Jean Lochhead, of Airedale and Spen Valley, winning in 3hrs 43mins 12secs.


Today the Three Peaks has the inov-8 all-terrain specialist equipment company as its main sponsor.


Fastest Women - Victoria Wilkinson - 3 hours 9 min 19 sec (2017) - She also won in 2016, 2018 and 2019.

*not sure if I should include this here... as it's more running!


Welsh 3000ers - bagging the 15 mountains in North Wales over 3,000ft in height. Visiting the Snowdon Massif, Glyderau and Carneddau, the route is about 50km (31 miles) in total with almost 4,000m of ascent.


The Welsh 3000s Challenge involves standing on top of all the 3000 ft peaks within 24 hours, using no transport.  The 14 Peak Traverse -  - In 1989 Angela Carson, set a new women’s record of 5 hours 28 minutes which still stands today.


In 1988 another peak was added taking the total to 15 mountain in Wales over, 3,000ft - it became the Welsh 3000ers - the route is about 50km (31 miles) in total with almost 4,000m of ascent. The extra peak only adds an extra 5 mins - so doesn’t really impact the records


Climbing all 257 English ‘Nuttalls’ – peaks over 2,000ft – over five years - Bryony Carter


282 Scottish Munros

- The fastest women - Libby Kerr and Lisa Trollope. 77 days in 2017

- The most rounds of Munros - Hazel Strachan - finished a 10th circuit. (She completed Munro rounds in 2005, '08, '10, '12, '13, '14, '15, '16, ‘17 & ‘18)



USA Based Challenges 


Lucy Westlake became the youngest girl to summit all of the highest points of the contiguous United States when she was age 12 in 2016.



UK - The British Mountaineering Council -


Qualifications - Mountain Training -


Camping Leader, Lowland Leader, Hill and Moorland Leader, Mountain Leader, Winter Mountain Leader, International Mountain Leader


Facebook Groups

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Dr. Hannah Lock

Emergency & Expedition Doctor Specialising in High Altitude Mountain Environments. Qualified Mountain Leader & Mountain Rescue Trainee.

Zahra Rose Alazaibi

Empowering Muslim Women in the Great Outdoors. Trekking to Everest, Broad Peak, and K2 Base camps, as well as summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Jennifer Strong McConachie

Adventure Athlete, Fellow of the RGS and Author of “Go Far: How Endurance Sports Help You Win At Life”.

Shikha Tripathi

Outdoor Writer and Adventurer who has participated in expeditions in the Himalayas.

Jill Wheatley

Visually impaired, traumatic brain injury survivor. Adventuring in the mountains around the world.

Sam Ortiz

A plus size, Latinx, rock climber, mountaineer, and founder of Climb Big.

Tima Deryan

Mountaineer & Mindset Coach. 1st Lebanese woman to summit Mt. Everest (2019) 

Shadi Ganjavian-Connor

Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society and IBG Philanthropist, Adventurer, and founder of Team GC. #DareToBeDifferent

Dani Reyes-Acosta

Athlete, advocate, and storyteller rewriting the narrative of who plays outside

Jeannette McGill

1st South African woman to summit Manaslu, the 8th highest mountain in the world.

Hetty Key

Adventurer and Lead Researcher into Women in Adventure - Investigating the association between the outdoors and mental wellbeing in women.

Alexandra Nemeth

The first Hungarian to climb the 7 summits!

Jana Paremoud

Climbing the Matterhorn and starting an Adventure Travel company during the pandemic!

Miriam Lancewood

Woman in the Wilderness: A Story of Survival, Love and Self-Discovery in New Zealand

Chris Fagan

Her Extraordinary Quest to the South Pole!

Dr. Joyce Azzam

First Lebanese women to climb the 7 Summits & going after the Explorers Grand Slam!

Sara Al Awadhi

Bouldering in the Middle East: Using climbing to discover your country and culture, and empowering other Arab and Muslim women to do the same.  

Brigitte Muir

Professional mountaineer & first Australian woman to climb Mount Everest!

Charlene Gibson

Oldest British women to summit Cho Oyu in 2016 and now heading to climb Ama Dablam in 2018!

Mollie Hughes

The Youngest Woman in the World and the First English Woman to summit Mount Everest from both sides.

Sophie Radcliffe

From Challenge Sophie!

Jo Bradshaw

Catching up with Mountaineer & Expedition Leader Jo Bradshaw discussing her summit of Mount Everest!

Squash Falconer

1st British woman to climb & paraglide from the summit of Mount Blanc, having ridden there from the UK on her motorbike!

Lisa Thompson

From Novice Climber and Breast Cancer Survivor to summiting Mt. Everest and K2. Inspiring others to reach new heights through her book "Finding Elevation: Fear and Courage on the World's Most Dangerous Mountain”.

Emily Pennington

Adventurer, solo traveler and Author of “Feral: Losing Myself and Finding My Way in America’s National Parks”

Rebecca Ferry

Mum of 5. Ultra runner and high altitude mountaineer - completing the “High Double” Everest and Lhotse, followed by K2.

Nicola Hardy

Adventurer and outdoor writer - Climbing all 282 of Scotland's Munros and walked 330km from her birthplace in Sheffield to her new home in Cockermouth, Cumbria.

Kirsty Pallas

Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor. Founder of Our Shared Outdoors, and panellist on, On the Outside Podcast.

Dr. Megan Banker

A plus-size outdoor adventurer and chiropractor on a mission to inspire and empower people to step into their power and live without limits. 

Jessie Leong

Award winning filmmaker, brand ambassador for Montane and current Ordnance Survey #GetOutside Champion

Marie Cheng

Avid outdoor and adventure enthusiast, dog mum, and founder of Three Peaks Adventures.

Sophia Danenberg

The first African American and first Black woman to climb Mount Everest.

Jean Muenchrath

Hiking, skiing and exploring wild places. Author of, “If I Live Until Morning, A True Story of Adventure, Tragedy and Transformation”

Sara Safari

Aiming to be the first Iranian to climb the Seven Summits (only Mt. Everest to go!) and trekking 335 miles across the largest ice cap in the world, Greenland.

Saray Khumalo

Zambia-born South African explorer and mountaineer. In May 2019, she became the first Black African woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest.

Suzanne “Sunny” Stroeer

First woman to circumnavigate and summit Aconcagua in a single push - the Full 360!

Alyssa Azar

Mountaineer - Youngest woman to Summit Mt Everest from both the North and South sides at 21 years old.

Jo Bradshaw

Dealing with grief, climbing Mount Denali and a 7 summits update!

Pippa Lyon

Fighting for Gender Equality with the InternationElles by riding the Tour De France 2019

Georgina Miranda

CEO of She Ventures  |  Adventurer, entrepreneur and activist. Completed 6 of the 7 summits and going after the Explorers Grand-slam!

Sara Hastreiter

Current challenge - to be the first women to sail the 7 seas and to climb the highest summits of the world's 7 continents!

Dr Suzie Imber

Associate Professor of planetary science at the University of Leicester, mountaineer, rower, rock climber, runner

Tashi and Nungshi Malik

1st siblings and twins to climb the 7 Summits and reach the North and South Poles and complete the Explorers Grand Slam.

Jen Brown

Running and Triathlon Coach and founder of Sparta Chicks!

Masha Gordon

A mum-of-two, who has entered the world record books by becoming the fastest women to complete the Explorers’ Grand Slam challenge!

Jo Bradshaw

Explorer, Mountaineer & Expedition Leader.

Rachael Crewesmith

One of only 46 female Winter Mountaineering Instructors (ever!), mountain bike, swim, run guide. Noisily taking up space in a male-dominated industry, bringing her peers along for the ride.

Adriana Brownlee

On a mission to summit all 14, 8000m peaks and become the youngest woman ever to do so.

Kelda Wood

First female adaptive athlete to summit Aconcagua and row solo across the Atlantic Ocean!

Jessica Hepburn

Adventure Activist - Her journey to climbing Mt. Everest and completing her “Pond to Peak” Challenge.

Nadhira Alharthy

First Omani Woman to summit Mt Everest (2019) and First Arab Woman to summit Mt Amadablam (2021).

Lucy Shepherd

Adventurer. Polar, Mountain and Jungle. Fellow of the RGS.

Patricia Alcivar

Professional Boxer turned Mountaineer - Climbing Kilimanjaro (in 2 days!), Aconcagua & Mount Elbrus.

Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner

The first woman to scale all 14, 8,000-meter peaks without the use of supplementary oxygen.

Renata Chlumska

Adventure athlete who became the first Swedish and Czech woman to climb Mount Everest and in 2005 did a circumnavigate of the lower 48 States of the United States by her own power.

Dr Kerri Andrews

Author of Wanderers: A History of Women Walking

Ashly Winchester

Ultra runner focused on FKT’s (Fastest Known Times) & Host of Womxn Of The Wild Podcast

Karen Darke

Modern-day ‘Alchemist’, passionate about turning challenge into opportunity and transforming the difficult stuff into ‘gold’

Rosie Watson

Running from the UK to Mongolia, finding stories of better ways of living in the climate crisis.

Bruna Moscol

Solo climbing Mount Aconcagua and whitewater rafting the Grand Canyon!

Katie-Jane L’Herpiniere

Iceland Traverse - Hiking/FastPacking - 600km journey on foot traversing the land of fire and ice, from its most Southerly point to its most Northerly.

Shona Macpherson

Taking on new challenges at 40 & her preparation for thru hiking the Pacific Crest Trail - SOBO in 2019!

Callie Morgigno

Bike touring in Asia, climbing Denali and Aconcagua & finishing a 5,000 mile unsupported ski, kayak and bike from Arctic Russia in mid-winter, to the Bosporus Strait in Istanbul!

Dr. Ghazala Ahmad-Mear

Surgeon for the NHS, Adventurer and only woman who walked with Robert Swan on the South Pole Energy Challenge in January 2018.

Megan Hoskin

Former Corporate Banker turned Mountaineer & one half of the all-female adventure team Dare two Do

Phoebe Smith

Extreme sleeping outdoors adventurer who thrives on heading off to the wildest locations she can find to sleep in the strangest places she can seek out!

Cathy O’Dowd

1st woman to climb both sides of Mount Everest!

Jules Lewis

From Mountain High - Her mission, to inspire people to step outside of their comfort zone!: The Tough Girl Podcast sponsored by Four Athletics!

Tori James

First Welsh women to climb Mount Everest!

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