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Rosie Watson - Running from the UK to Mongolia, finding stories of better ways of living

Gina Johansen - Walking 3,000km the length of Norway, plus a solo crossing of Lake Baikal in Siberia!

Rosie, 25, a fell runner, climber, wild swimmer and all-round mountain lover from the Lake District in the UK is currently running to Mongolia! While running, she’s searching for stories about new ways of living and working while meeting our needs in a time of climate crisis.

"I will also cross as many mountain ranges and areas of wilderness, remoteness and natural beauty as I can”

Rosie started her solo and self supported run on the 17th August 2019. Along the way, Rosie will be meeting with people from projects who are creating a new, and a more sustainable way of living, and who are dedicated to tackling the climate crisis and its related issues. Rosie will share these stories through her website.

"By exploring the climate crisis and it’s solutions through a story of adventure, I aim to explore these issues in a fresh and personal way."


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Show notes

  • Who is Rosie

  • Starting on the 17th August

  • Being stuck in Kosovo

  • Where the idea for the run came from

  • Looking for a job after university

  • Keeping the plan very vague and loose

  • Moving the start date from October to August

  • The planning and preparation

  • Trying to be flexible with the route

  • Creating her own website

  • Contacting brands for sponsorship

  • Trying to get local media interested

  • Planning the first couple of weeks of the route

  • Paying for the challenge

  • Deciding to set up a Go Fund Me account

  • Having a budget of £50 per week…

  • Problems with sticking to the budget

  • Only planning to run for 1 year….

  • Why she decided to finish her run in Mongolia

  • The route so far

  • The physicality of the challenge

  • Having a running buggy for parts of the challenge

  • Meeting people and seeing a different range of projects

  • What it’s like wild camping

  • The biggest challenge while out on the run

  • How to cope with the tough days

  • Food and music

  • Daily routines

  • Being stuck in Kosovo due to the Corona Virus

  • Final words of advice for other women


Social Media

Instagram @RosieWats


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