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Bethan Taylor-Swaine

PhD candidate and feminist sociologist of sport studying the representations and identities of women in ultra marathon with a passion for diversity and inclusion in running.

Dr. Anjana Khatwa

The Award-Winning Earth Scientist Revealing the Secret Stories of Rocks and Inspiring a Love for Nature in All.

Maddy Collinge

Runner and running coach. Mother of 4 and Nana to 3. Trying to fight off ageing and prove that we can go on doing stuff long after we thought we couldn’t...

Grace Natoli

70+ marathons & ultras including: New York, Chicago, London, Paris, Berlin; Diversify the trails🖤

Molly Huddle

Long distance runner, 2x Olympian, Co-author of “How She Did It” - A high performance guide for female distance runners.

Dr. Lois Haruna-Cooper

GP, Clinical teaching lecturer, mother of 3, daily runner.

Quinn Brett

First person to hand-cycle the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route from the Canadian border to the Mexico border.

Adelle Tracey

British middle distance runner. European Finalist & World Semi-finalist. Professional Hair and Makeup artist.

Jasmine Sanchez

Runner, Founder of Vessel Athletics, and a Community Lead of the Running Industry Diversity Coalition.

Alvina Begay

Diné/Navajo Woman, Mother, Olympic Qualifier x3 in the Marathon & 10K, and Registered Dietitian

Neruja Srikantharajah

An Unlikely Outdoor Adventurer - Pushing the importance of representation.

Dani Reyes-Acosta

Athlete, advocate, and storyteller rewriting the narrative of who plays outside

Lauren Woodwiss

Setting the WR for the fastest female pair to row the Atlantic Ocean & 8 weeks later coming 4th female in the Marathon des Sables!

Megan Al-Ghailani 

Youngest woman to run from John O’Groats to Lands End (JOGLE) completely solo and unsupported.

Khadijah Diggs

Team USA and Silver IronMan All-World Triathlete. Her mission is to Promote a Positive Image of Muslim Women and Islam in General through Sport.

Dr. Tekemia Dorsey

Ironman & CEO of the International Association of Black Triathletes (IABT)

Sally Gunnell

The only woman to hold the World, Olympic, European, and Commonwealth Gold Medals at the same time!

Elle Linton

Fitness Professional & Blogger at Keep it SimpELLE

Dr Kate Edwards & Dr Blair Green

Go Ahead, Stop and Pee: Running During Pregnancy and Postpartum

Mimi Anderson

Endurance Athlete/Multiple World Record Holder - Running across America, Dealing with Failure, Overcoming Fears, and getting into swimming and biking!

Dr. Stacy Sims

Leading Global Expert on Female Physiology and Endurance Training. Author of ROAR.

Josephine Anselin

Running the length of New Zealand in 99 days, cycling across Sardinia, Taiwan and down the West coast of America!

Natalie Moore

Quitting her job and heading to Madagascar for 6 weeks on a marine conservation program! & Carola Fekter - Running 12 marathons in 12 months!

Anna Mcnuff

Racing in the Kathmandu Coast to Coast, New Zealand & her next challenge - Barefoot Britain (100 Barefoot Marathons!)

Jane Harries

51 talks about her life, travel and completing the Marathon des Sables. Jane is also the founder of AdventureShe Magazine.

Rachel Ann Cullen

Author of “Running for my Life” sharing about mental health and how she eventually overcomes her demons through running,

Moire O’Sullivan

Mountain Runner, Adventure Racer, & New Mum! Author of Bump, Bike and Baby!

Anna-Marie Watson

Performance coach & founder Reach for More. Endurance athlete recovering #UTMB2017 #HMDS2017.

Hope Virgo

Runner, Author & Mental Health Campaigner

Suzy Favour Hamilton

Olympian x3, NYT Best Selling Author - “Fast Girl – A Life Spent Running From Madness”, & Mental Health Advocate

Laura Gush

Running The Ironman and Marathon Des Sables with No Background in Sports, Qualified Dr and PT

Jenny Tough

Running 900 km via the Tien Shan mountains in Kyrgyzstan!

Elise Downing

The youngest and only female to run 5,000 miles around the coast of Britain!

Rachel Bown

PE Teacher & Triathlete who was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2014. This is her journey back to fitness.

Corey Melke Hinz

Type 1 Diabetic, Runner, Blogger & Expat Living in London

Julie Creffield

Author & Blogger behind “Too Fat to Run”

Helene Neville

Nurse, Grandmother, 4X Cancer Survivor, Health Activist who ran around the Perimeter of the Continental United States!

Ali Young

She runs every distance from 800 m to 24hr endurance races!

Emma Timmis

National Adventurer of the Year 2015 for Running across Africa!

Dierdre Wolownick-Honnold

Redefining Retirement, Overcoming Fear and Ageism. The oldest woman to climb El Capitan in Yosemite National Park.

Shandi Kano

From Running Highs to Breaking Points: Shandi's Journey of Healing and Self-Discovery after the Boston Marathon Bombing

Ingrid Walters

Competitive swimmer turned marathon runner. PB of 2hr 48 mins. Breast Cancer Survivor. Inducted into The National Black Distance Running Hall of Fame.

Keri Wallace

Founder & Mountain Leader at Girls on Hills. Skyrunner, fellrunner and ultrarunner encouraging more women to hit the trails and venture into the mountains. Shouting about equity and inclusivity in trail running.

Tasha Thompson

Founder of Black Girls Do Run UK - A community to inspire, encourage and motivate Black women to run.

Janelle Lincks

Began trail running in 2020. Her rapid progress in two years has been incredible. Crowned the Golden Trail National Series women’s champion in October 2021

Laura Massey-Pugh

Ultra/long distance cyclist, planning to break the tandem around the World Record with her husband Stevie in 2022.

Erica Terblanche

Endurance Runner and Adventure Racer, on a mission to share the joy of running. Author of - “Run For The Love Of Life”

Dora Atim

Running Coach and Founder of Ultra Black Running. Completing The Speed Project twice, a 340-mile relay race from LA to Las Vegas!

Brooke Thomas

Running with a heart condition. The Nurse who broke the women’s record for completing the Te Araroa Trail, NZ (3,000km) in 57 days!

Marie Cheng

Avid outdoor and adventure enthusiast, dog mum, and founder of Three Peaks Adventures.

Helen Mort

Poet & Author - ‘Never Leave The Dog Behind’ who explores the relationship between people, dogs and the great outdoors.

Katie Holmes

Independent sports historian writing about women's distance running and sharing stories of female runners over 50.

Tazneem Anwar

aka Taz @ThisHijabiRuns. Championing diversity in running. Founder and Run Leader at Wycombe Women's Run Club.

Dr. Betty Holston Smith

79 years young, running 60 to 100 miles per week, sharing her knowledge about running, health and fitness.

Carla Molinaro

Breaking the women's record for Land's End to John O'Groats, running the length of Britain in just 12 days, 30 minutes and 14 seconds!

Suzanne “Sunny” Stroeer

First woman to circumnavigate and summit Aconcagua in a single push - the Full 360!

Louise Johnstone

Endurance Athlete & PT, discussing mental health, Marathon des Sables & her next challenge #2020RunNorthSea

Anna Mcnuff

Running 2,300+ miles through Great Britain barefoot!

Véronique Bourbeau

Running 3,010km in 72 days, across Japan!! Plus her plans to run the length of Africa in 2024!

Alice Morrison

Racing in the Tour D’Afrique from Cairo to Cape Town on a bike; world first trek from the highest point of North Africa to the Atlantic Ocean, and running the Marathon Des Sables

Kate Swoboda

Author of The Courage Habit: Sharing more about how to accept your fears, release the past, and Live Your Courageous Life

Paula Radcliffe MBE

Fastest female marathoner of all time, and has held the Women’s World Marathon Record in a time of 2:15:25 since 2003!

Chrissie Wellington

British Triathlete and 4X World Ironman Champion (2007, 2008, 2009 and 2011), wife, mum and Global Head of Health and Wellbeing at Parkrun.

Janine Doggett

37, freelance writer & blogger, from Bristol who cycled LEJOG solo via the 3 peaks in 2018!

Dr. Ghazala Ahmad-Mear

Surgeon for the NHS, Adventurer and only woman who walked with Robert Swan on the South Pole Energy Challenge in January 2018.

Helen Croydon

This Girl Ran: Tales of a Party Girl Turned Triathlete  - ditching a glamorous city girl lifestyle, and two years later qualifying to be a GB age-group triathlete!

Lindsey Cole

Adventurer & Storyteller - Who walked the length of the Rabbit Proof Fence in Australia!

Dr Suzie Imber

Associate Professor of planetary science at the University of Leicester, mountaineer, rower, rock climber, runner

Tina Muir

2:36 marathoner and GB runner who has not had a period for 9 years.

Sarah Logan

43 married with 2 girls - diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer, this is her story of survival, positivity and training for a triathlon while undergoing treatment.

Jen Brown

Running and Triathlon Coach and founder of Sparta Chicks!

Johanna "Jo Jo" Rogers

Tough Girl 7 - Johanna "Jo Jo" Rogers at 52 will be training and racing in an effort to be

Amy Hughes

NEW Gluiness World Record Holder for running 521 Miles on a treadmill in a week!

Emma Timmis

Australian Alpine Walking Track & running Hadrian’s Wall!

Tanith Facey

Going from the couch to running the London Marathon!

Susie Cheetham

Professional Triathlete. 6th place at Kona 2015.

Helen Russell

World Champion - Duathlete & Triathlete

Amy Hughes

Ran 53 marathons in 53 days!

Paula Craig MBE

Embracing the Unknown - Transforming Challenges into Triumphs in Sports and Life, as she charts new paths, inspires resilience, and encourages others to fearlessly pursue their dreams.

India Cook

From Runner to Run Coach. Her journey of making running a more diverse, inclusive, and less intimidating place. Advocating for all paces and body types in the space of road racing.

Rav Billan

Passionate runner; running for fun, her mental health and to keep fit. Run streaking outside for the past 5 years, and completing the London Marathon in 2022!

Dr. Carla Benton

Clinical Psychologist, queer vegan and a lover of all things outdoors. Awarded the Ultra Distance Scholarship in 2021 which is aimed at increasing representation of BAME cyclists in ultra distance cycling.

Dr. Sarah McCormack

Mountain runner and UK Athletics-Certified Trail & Fell Running Coach. Inov-8 Ambassador.

Kelly Smith

On the Go - Being passionate about the outdoors and showing people there is a place for physical activity outside of elite sport.

Samantha Turner

Serial challenge adventurer, executive coach, mum of two boys, and unfortunately, recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.

Jessica Hatcher-Moore

Journalist & author living on a hillside in North Wales, writing about improbable things; most recently, childbirth. AFTER BIRTH: What nobody tells you – How to Recover Body and Mind.

Dr. Mina Endeley

Senior Military Doctor, Mother, Lupus Warrior and Marathon Runner.

Patricia Alcivar

Professional Boxer turned Mountaineer - Climbing Kilimanjaro (in 2 days!), Aconcagua & Mount Elbrus.

Sue Barrett

First ‘Adventure Queen’ Grant Winner - A mother and daughter human powered mountain adventure of 1,300 miles, through 8 countries along the spine of the Alps.

Kim Ingleby

International Award Winning Mind & Body Coach. Passionate about helping people embrace fear, grow their confidence, and take action.

Alice Dearing

British Marathon swimmer. World and European Junior Champion. Co-founder of Black Swimming Association.

Loretta Claiborne

Special Olympics Athlete, World-class runner and motivational speaker.

Hetty Key

Adventurer and Lead Researcher into Women in Adventure - Investigating the association between the outdoors and mental wellbeing in women.

Karen Darke

Modern-day ‘Alchemist’, passionate about turning challenge into opportunity and transforming the difficult stuff into ‘gold’

Nicky Spinks

Fell Runner & Farmer who ran in the Barkley Marathon & completed the Double Paddy Buckley Round!

Rosie Watson

Running from the UK to Mongolia, finding stories of better ways of living in the climate crisis.

Sophie Rooney

1st woman to run the length of Scandinavia, 103 days, 3000km!

Rosie Swale Pope

73 years young and running 6,000 miles from Brighton to Kathmandu in Nepal!

Caroline Bramwell

Diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis - A self-confessed couch potato - Her journey to becoming a triathlete!

Carola Fekter

Running 12 marathons in 12 months on 4 continents to raise money for charity!

Hollie Woodhouse

The Adventurous Kiwi - Completing NZ's iconic Coast to Coast race, running the Marathon des Sables & most recently crossing the Greenland Ice Cap!

Jenny Tough

Running across 2 mountain ranges - the Atlas of Morocco, and the Bolivian Andes!

Nicky Spinks

1st person ever to run a Double Ramsay Round in the Scottish mountains! 116 miles. 57,000ft of ascent. 48 peaks. Time: 55hrs 56mins

Leanne Spencer

Citi exec until burnout, recovered, became a PT, & co-founded Bodyshot! She’s taken part in 3x Scotland Coast to Coast Races, as well as Man V Mountain! Currently training for the Arctic Circle Race in 2019!

Fiona Oakes

The vegan 'Queen of the Extreme’ - A British marathon runner, who holds three world records for marathon running!

Hélène Rossiter

Triathlete, Runner, Explorer, Vangirl #wherewheelsgo

Melissa Urie

2nd Women to ever finish the EPIC 5 - 5 Ironman in 5 days across 5 different islands in Hawaii!

Ness Knight

Accidental adventurer & explorer, whose cycled solo + unsupported 2000 miles across the USA, & first female in history to swim the length of the Thames River!

Frances Taylor

Running, building self confidence, and quitting her job to cycle 3,000 miles around New Zealand!

Georgie Akin-Smith


Alison North

Started running in her sixties and went from running 8km to doing her first 100km race!

Jill Homer

Ultra Endurance Cyclist & Runner - Talking about the Iditarod Trail & the Tour Divide!

Anna Mcnuff

Adventurer, Speaker & Mischief Maker! She has cycled 11,000 miles around every state in the USA & ran the full length of New Zealand!

Sarah Williams

My journey of getting to the start line of the Marathon des Sables (MDS) & running the toughest footrace on earth!

Arry Beresford-Webb

First person to run 1027 miles around the perimeter of Wales! Over 39 marathons in 40 days!

Liz Yelling

Marathon runner, Double Olympian & Commonwealth medalist

Megan Hicks

(Female Winner of the 2013 MdS) Top 10 Insiders Tips for the Marathon des Sables.

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