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Jane Harries - 51 talks about her life, travel and completing the Marathon des Sables.

Tough Girl - Jane Harries - 51 talks about her life, travel and completing the Marathon des Sables. Jane is also the founder of AdventureShe Magazine.

Jane has travelling and lived all over the world, she is a qualified solicitor and would describe herself as a ‘soft’ adventurer. Her adventures have included hiking over 750 km along an old pilgrim trail from France and across northern Spain to Santiago de Compostella; rafting and canoeing for 17 days on the Zambesi River; and travelling across China by overland truck before heading down Pakistan’s Karakorum Highway to Islamabad.

During this podcast Jane shares more about her life growing up, losing her mother and Aunt to breast cancer at a young age and the impact that had on her. She shares more about wanting to do the Marathon des Sables and why it took her over 15 years to achieve her dream. She gives practical advice about how you can figure out what you want to do with your life and how you apply this to your next adventure.

Jane is a big supporter of women and has started AdventureShe a magazine, dedicated to empowering, educating and entertaining (predominantly) women of all ages, through sharing stories of adventure.


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Show notes

  • Where her accent is from

  • Believing in justice and becoming a solicitor

  • Growing up in Wales and coming from a large family

  • Going on a cycle adventure at 15

  • Going to university at Cardiff and having some fun

  • Wanting to move to London and why it was easy

  • Coping with the loss of her mother at 18, as well as losing her aunt and her grandfather

  • Travelling and taking a gap year and getting the bug for travelling

  • Working for 2 years while doing her training contact to qualify as a solicitor

  • White water rafting in Africa

  • Why she decided to do the Marathon des Sables in 2016

  • Giving herself 11 months to train and prepare

  • Getting a chest infection and having to postpone the race until 2017

  • Why she was most worried about the shame of not finishing

  • Why education was a way out of poverty

  • Mental preparation and splurging on a warm sleeping bag

  • Her most challenging moments during the MDS

  • Going step by step

  • What it was like crossing over the finish line

  • What she’s learnt from the experience

  • Doing her 2nd Half Ironman in 2017

  • Roll down and getting a slot in the Half Ironman World Championships!

  • Doing her Ted Talk - It takes a million small steps to achieve big dreams

  • Being a single female with no children

  • Making the time to achieve your dreams

  • Developing your mission statement and doing a SWOT Analysis

  • AdventureShe Magazine

  • Future challenges


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Instagram - @adventure_she

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Twitter - @adventure_she


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