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Mothers & Pregnancy

Rebecca Muwanga

Active member of Black Trail Runners (BTR) and recently was part of the all female BTR team at Adidas TERREX Infinite trails race in Austria.

Fadeelah Kenny

Sharing More about Endurance Running, Motherhood, and Running Comrades Marathon 3x

Meghan J. Ward

Exploring the World and Balancing Parenthood. Author of Lights to Guide Me Home: A Journey Off the Beaten Track in Life, Love, Adventure, and Parenting.

Stephanie Quintrell

Forces Wives Challenge - Ride to Freedom across the Pyrenees mountains. A Disabled Mum's Journey to Empower Others.

Maddy Collinge

Runner and running coach. Mother of 4 and Nana to 3. Trying to fight off ageing and prove that we can go on doing stuff long after we thought we couldn’t...

Nirjala Tamrakar Wright

First Nepalese woman to complete a full-distance triathlon

Siobhan Daniels

60+ Pro-age & anti-ageism campaigner. Retirement Rebel. Writing about her motorhome adventures around Great Britain

Claire Smith

Ultra endurance athlete - Only person in the UK to have finished a continuous Double Deca (20x Ironman). Training for the Arch To Arc Triathlon (Sept 2022).

Kate Pilcher

Founder & guide of Globetrotting - sharing her passion for horses and exploring horse cultures around the world.

Dr. Lois Haruna-Cooper

GP, Clinical teaching lecturer, mother of 3, daily runner.

Samantha Turner

Serial challenge adventurer, executive coach, mum of two boys, and unfortunately, recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.

Jessica Hatcher-Moore

Journalist & author living on a hillside in North Wales, writing about improbable things; most recently, childbirth. AFTER BIRTH: What nobody tells you – How to Recover Body and Mind.

Dr. Mina Endeley

Senior Military Doctor, Mother, Lupus Warrior and Marathon Runner.

Cathy Alldred

Planning and leading an expedition to climb Fox Jaw Cirque in East Greenland (2014)

Sue Barrett

First ‘Adventure Queen’ Grant Winner - A mother and daughter human powered mountain adventure of 1,300 miles, through 8 countries along the spine of the Alps.

Amy Palmiero-Winters

Extreme Ultra Endurance Athlete and first female amputee to finish Western States and the Badwater Ultramarathon!

Ruqsana Begum

Muay Thai world champion in 2016, and the world's first female Muslim boxing champion

Lauren Gay

Travel Blogger & Podcaster - Inspiring black women to embrace nature and outdoor recreation through adventure.

Jo Moseley

Joy Encourager, Midlife Adventurer & Beach Cleaner who SUP 162 miles, Coast to Coast across Great Britain!

Dr Kate Edwards & Dr Blair Green

Go Ahead, Stop and Pee: Running During Pregnancy and Postpartum

Mimi Anderson

Endurance Athlete/Multiple World Record Holder - Running across America, Dealing with Failure, Overcoming Fears, and getting into swimming and biking!

Rachel Yaseen

49 year old mother and full time adventurer, cycling the world and living a nomadic lifestyle on her terms.

Jasmin Paris

British ultra runner who won the 268-mile Spine Race and first woman to win the race outright!

Caroline Van Hemert

PhD, is a biologist, writer, and adventurer - Completed a 4,000-mile wilderness journey from the Pacific rainforest to the Alaskan Arctic, traveling by rowboat, ski, foot, raft, and canoe!

Kikkan Randall

5X Olympian, Olympic champion cross-country skier 2018 & World Champion, “Get-Activist” and Mom Athlete.

Rachel Ann Cullen

Author of “Running for my Life” sharing about mental health and how she eventually overcomes her demons through running,

Beth French

The Quick Fire Round!! #swimming #training #cake

Cheryl Strayed 

Writer - Author of New York Times Bestseller Wild - Mother of 2 - Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail

Audrey McIntosh

Turned 50 and took on the Antarctic Ice Marathon and Antarctic 100k and was the 1st Scot to complete both races together finishing 1st woman in the 100k!

Christine Amour-Levar

Trekking to Siberia to experience what daily life is like for the nomadic Nenets reindeer herders

Tanith Facey

Going from the couch to running the London Marathon!

Mimi Anderson

Endurance Runner & Multiple Guinness World Record Holder!

Bethan Taylor-Swaine

PhD candidate and feminist sociologist of sport studying the representations and identities of women in ultra marathon with a passion for diversity and inclusion in running.

Majka Burhardt

Professional Climber, Mother of Twins and Author of “More: Life on the Edge of Adventure and Motherhood.

Anna Stishova

aka Kayaking Hijabi - Completing the Devizes to Westminster International Canoe Race. Pushing Boundaries and Inspiring Others Along the Way.

India Pearson

New Mum, SUP/Yoga Teacher, and Outdoors Advocate. Sharing more about the importance of connecting with nature to enhance your mental and physical wellbeing.

Rav Billan

Passionate runner; running for fun, her mental health and to keep fit. Run streaking outside for the past 5 years, and completing the London Marathon in 2022!

Purusha Gordon

mum of 2, changed her mindset 6 years ago and transforming her life. Rowing 2,400 miles across the Pacific Ocean and becoming a WR holder!

Sabrina Pace-Humphreys

Co-founder of Black Trail Runners and running Britain’s most brutal race - the Spine Race 286 miles non-stop!

Mary-Ann Ochota

Anthropologist and lover of the outdoors. Hillwalking ambassador for the British Mountaineering Council, and a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

Helen Butters

Having a positive mindset during times of immense stress. Lessons learned from rowing the Atlantic Ocean.

Mariam Kilpatrick

Ultra-runner and Women’s Health Physiotherapist running the West Highland Way (96 miles) in 24hrs!

Annabel Abbs

Writer, walker, blogger and mother of 4. Her latest book, Windswept, uncovers long distance female walkers of the past.

Nuran Honakhande

An adventurous mum whose aim is to inspire and encourage mums to adventure solo with kids.

Alvina Begay

Diné/Navajo Woman, Mother, Olympic Qualifier x3 in the Marathon & 10K, and Registered Dietitian

Jessi Morton-Langehaug

High school chemistry teacher, mother, and ultra runner - women’s winner of Moab 240!

Helen Mort

Poet & Author - ‘Never Leave The Dog Behind’ who explores the relationship between people, dogs and the great outdoors.

Khadijah Diggs

Team USA and Silver IronMan All-World Triathlete. Her mission is to Promote a Positive Image of Muslim Women and Islam in General through Sport.

Cath Pendleton

First Person to swim one mile inside the Antarctic Polar Circle!

Michelle Griffith-Robinson OLY

Former GB Olympian, wife, mother of 3, lifestyle coach, personal trainer and Ambassador for Diabetes UK

Carolin Botterill

Bravery, Running the Jungle Ultra for the 5th time - Plus Escaping the Jungle - a 200km race in Belize!

Catherine Wallis

Plus-size adventurer, working mum, doing ultra challenges around the world!

Chris Fagan

Her Extraordinary Quest to the South Pole!

Dr. Stacy Sims

Leading Global Expert on Female Physiology and Endurance Training. Author of ROAR.

Paula Radcliffe MBE

Fastest female marathoner of all time, and has held the Women’s World Marathon Record in a time of 2:15:25 since 2003!

Chrissie Wellington

British Triathlete and 4X World Ironman Champion (2007, 2008, 2009 and 2011), wife, mum and Global Head of Health and Wellbeing at Parkrun.

Carolin Botterill

52 year old mum of 3 who became an accidental ultra runner!

Moire O’Sullivan

Mountain Runner, Adventure Racer, & New Mum! Author of Bump, Bike and Baby!

Beth French

Ocean Swimmer, Inspirational Speaker. Recovering from ME- and bringing up her son.

Niki Doeg, Janette Benaddi

Yorkshire Rows - Rowing Across the Atlantic Ocean - Guinness World Record Holders

AnnMaria De Mars

4 daughters, 4 degrees, 2 companies, 1 World Judo Championship!

Selina McCole

A 43 year old married mother of 2 who ran the Marathon des Sables 2016!

Helene Neville

Nurse, Grandmother, 4X Cancer Survivor, Health Activist who ran around the Perimeter of the Continental United States!

Josephine Collingwood

Middle-Aged Mother of Three. Former Mountain Rescuer, Wilderness Addict, Lover of Nature. Embracing Adventure, Inspiring Others, and Capturing Life's Beauty Through Photography.

Dierdre Wolownick-Honnold

Redefining Retirement, Overcoming Fear and Ageism. The oldest woman to climb El Capitan in Yosemite National Park.

Jennie Cardin

Embracing the Outdoors After Raising Children - Becoming an Outdoor Instructor at 48 and Living Her Passion

Vivianette Ortiz

Outdoors & Disability Rights Advocate. Co-Founder of Latinos Aventureros. Completing the Inca Trail in Peru and her plans to section hike the Appalachian Trail.

Keri Wallace

Founder & Mountain Leader at Girls on Hills. Skyrunner, fellrunner and ultrarunner encouraging more women to hit the trails and venture into the mountains. Shouting about equity and inclusivity in trail running.

Gill Castle

AKA Stoma Chameleon, #Ostomate after childbirth, #POSITIVITY after trauma, #SoloChannelSwim2023. Showing folks what’s possible after trauma.

Rebecca Ferry

Mum of 5. Ultra runner and high altitude mountaineer - completing the “High Double” Everest and Lhotse, followed by K2.

Donna McConnell

The Iron Empress. Ironwoman - IM Barcelona 2021. Working to increase female participation in Ironman races.

Rebecca Lowe

Author of “The Slow Road to Tehran” - documenting her year-long cycling journey from London to Tehran.

Sophie Ruffles

Mum, runner, & wild swimmer. Host of @whatnextmumpodcast 1x100km ultra, 7x marathons. Fast-packed The Jurassic Coast!

Prof. Angie Abdou

Author - This One Wild Life: A Mother-Daughter Wilderness Memoir.

Rosie Stancer

Accomplished Polar athlete and explorer since 1996 - described by one journalist as “a cross between Tinker Bell and the Terminator”

Lavina Mehta MBE

Award Winning PT & Wellness Coach, Mum of 3, MBE for Services to Health & Fitness.

Alina “Abstract” Drufovka

Colombian-American artist and thru hiker (Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail & Israel National Trail).

Tazneem Anwar

aka Taz @ThisHijabiRuns. Championing diversity in running. Founder and Run Leader at Wycombe Women's Run Club.

Deana Ortega

A badass single mom who has jammed her way around the roller derby circuit for the past 12 years. Author of My Derby Romance.

Dr. Tekemia Dorsey

Ironman & CEO of the International Association of Black Triathletes (IABT)

Sabrina Pace-Humpreys

Ultra runner, going from Anxiety to Accomplishment - Running the Marathon des Sables and challenging Rural Racism

Audrey McIntosh

56, Her Global Odyssey, 100km non-stop in each of the World’s Continents!

Wendy Searle

Adventurer, mother of 4 and 7th woman to ski solo and unsupported from Hercules Inlet to the South Pole!

Yolanda Holder

Power walker, 2x Guinness World Record holder & Completing the Self Transcendence 3100 Mile Race!

Caroline Bramwell

Diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis - A self-confessed couch potato - Her journey to becoming a triathlete!

Tracy Herbert

Grandmother with Type 1 Diabetes, who completed a solo 3,527-mile bicycle ride from San Francisco to New York!

Di Westaway

Chief Adventure Chick (CEO), Founder of Wild Women On Top and Coastrek.

Susie Mitchell

How she trained thru pregnancy and won her 1st World Masters Track Championship 4 months after giving birth!

Maria Leijerstam

Welsh British polar adventurer who was the first person to cycle to the South Pole from the edge of the continent in 2013

Sam Taylor

Trying 100 sports and fitness classes in a year and now helping women to find their Get Up and Go in their community!

Sarah Logan

43 married with 2 girls - diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer, this is her story of survival, positivity and training for a triathlon while undergoing treatment.

Alison North

Started running in her sixties and went from running 8km to doing her first 100km race!

Masha Gordon

A mum-of-two, who has entered the world record books by becoming the fastest women to complete the Explorers’ Grand Slam challenge!

Susie Chan

Endurance Runner & Blogger

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