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Rachel Yaseen - 49 year old mum & full time adventurer, cycling the world and living a nomadic life

Rachel Yaseen - 49 year old mother and full time adventurer, cycling the world and living a nomadic lifestyle on her terms.

Rachel, a 49 year old full time gypsy adventurer, a citizen of the world, meditator, cyclist, trekker, chef, scuba diver, yogi, mother, blogger and vlogger.

Her passion is the journey to self discovery through meditation and adventure. Three years ago she gave away nearly all of her belongings (except a bicycle and two small boxes) to live a nomadic lifestyle.

Rachel has just finished the first part of a world bicycle tour that originated in Bangkok, going through Myanmar, southern Thailand, and onto Malaysia and Indonesia. Currently Rachel is cycling through Indonesia.

Three times a year Rachel goes travelling with her 12 year old son—Wexler, they have been on a reforestation project in Haiti, cycling in Denmark, learnt Spanish in Guatemala and gone scuba diving in the British Virgin Islands. In June 2019 Wexler and Rachel hiked the entire Oregon Coast Trail, 400 miles.

Rachel is now a full time adventurer with no address or home. Through blogs, vlogs, and public speaking, Rachel hope to motivate, inspire, and possibly assist others to pursue their own adventures.


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Show notes

  • Who is Rachel

  • Where she is at the moment

  • Being all about the journey and getting off the beaten path

  • Growing up in a typical suburban household in the 1970’s

  • Heading to Israel at age 20 for a year out studying during university

  • Meeting her future husband

  • The desire to go on longer adventures

  • Deciding to walk the Camino de Santiago

  • Taking 5 weeks to get clarity in her professional life

  • Meeting the people who changed her life

  • Having a lot of different careers

  • Needed to go on an adventure

  • Heading off solo

  • What happened on the Camino and making big changes

  • Making the hard decisions

  • Looking for something new

  • The practicalities of making a change

  • The Danish Man

  • Wanting to be a traveller

  • Falling in love

  • Making the unpopular decision

  • 3 years of being on the road

  • The route - station in Bangkok

  • The daily routine while out on the road

  • Blogging and vlogging while on the road

  • Being inspired while being on the move

  • Final words of advice


Social Media

Instagram - @rachelyaseen

Youtube - Rachel Yaseen


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