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Di Westaway - Chief Adventure Chick (CEO), Founder of Wild Women On Top and Coastrek

Jacqui Furneaux - 68  - Spending 7 years travelling the world on a motorbike!

Di is a global leader and award-winning woman of influence who has inspired more than 30,000 people off the couch through shared hiking adventures, while raising over $30 million for charity and helping women lead adventurous lives they love.

Di does work she loves with people she loves the way she loves and she’s keen to help families, friends and workers do the same.

Di is passionate about motivating women to lead adventurous lives they love, creating pleasure, power and productivity from hiking adventures.

Di has climbed many extreme altitude peaks and holds the record for the world’s highest handstand on Mt Ama Dablam, 6,982m, Nepal.


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Show notes

  • Growing up and having an adventurous spirit

  • Having a difficult time as a teenager

  • Looking for alternative places to achieve her dreams

  • Being called - bossy when she was younger

  • Learning about leadership

  • Getting injured after becoming the Australian National Champion in Gymnastics

  • Deciding to become a PE teacher

  • Discovering adventure in her 40s

  • Turning 40 and why it was worse than turning 30!

  • Going to climb the highest mountain in the Southern Hemisphere!

  • Being told she was a bad mother…

  • Not summiting Aconcagua and what she learned from this ‘failure’

  • The importance of having a goal booked in the calendar

  • How she handled the haters

  • Not making decisions based on fear

  • Maintaining the motivation over the 6 months before the challenge

  • Having a goal buddy

  • How she was feeling at the start of the challenge

  • Life on the mountain, fearing for her life and learning about herself

  • The disappointment of not making the summit

  • Deciding to start - Wild Women on Top

  • The power of failure and why you learn the most from failure

  • Going back 8 years later to summit Aconcagua!

  • Having a surprise baby in her 40s

  • Being a mum to 3 children and dealing with the end of her marriage

  • Coming up with the idea for Coast Trek

  • Inspiring over 30,000 women and raising over AUS $30,000,000 for charity

  • Using adventure to help her over come the challenges in her personal life

  • Walking 100K and how it pushes you mentally and physically

  • Building your own inner strength

  • Words alone are not enough - you need to take ACTION

  • Going to climb Mount Kilimanjaro & Mount Elbrus

  • Living and breathing the mountains and trekking

  • The fear of going back to Aconcagua and not making it to the summit again

  • Working as part of a team

  • Turning 60 next year! (60 adventures in one year)

  • Turning 50…. and heading to Everest base camp

  • Turning a negative into a positive

  • Advice for younger women - trying new things and trusting your body

  • Coast trek - Sydney & Melbourne

  • Book - How to prepare for world class treks


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Instagram - @wildwomenontop

Facebook - @wildwomenontop


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