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Niki Doeg, Janette Benaddi - Yorkshire Rows - Rowing Across the Atlantic Ocean

Yorkshire Rows is a team of four working mums who dared to dream. They are the first women to row across the North Sea and holders of the Guinness World record for rowing 3,000 nautical miles across the Atlantic Ocean during the world’s toughest rowing race.

I’m joined by Niki Doeg and Janette Benaddi, two members of Yorkshire Rows. They share their story about life-changing adventure, witnessing the beauty of the elements, and discovering who you really are.

With corporate and medical backgrounds, spouses and children at home, these women committed to an adventure. They challenged themselves to prepare the finances, take the exams, and train themselves to row across the ocean.


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Show Notes

  • How Janette and Niki began their careers and got interested in adventure

  • Meeting at a rowing club and becoming good friends

  • Deciding to embark on a challenge and getting family support

  • What their children had to say about their adventure

  • Being very passionate in order to accomplish a dream

  • Racing finances, learning about the ocean and taking exams

  • Supporting charities through their challenge

  • What it cost to row across the ocean

  • How long it took Yorkshire Rows to execute their idea

  • Transporting the 30 ft long boat

  • Preparing for the launch date

  • Recognising the danger of being out on the ocean

  • What it was like for Jeanette being the skipper

  • Dealing with the pressures of the row

  • Mentally preparing for the challenge

  • Getting annoyed with each other and dealing with it

  • What a typical day looked like during their row

  • Being bored, experiencing highs, and missing family

  • Finding comfort in the middle of the ocean

  • What it was like seeing land in the distance at the finish

  • Shouldering responsibility during the row

  • Celebrating their amazing crossing

  • Learning to be more relaxed about life and not be so cautious

  • What’s next for Niki and Janette

  • Coming out with a book about friendship and adventure

  • Last words of inspiration and not making excuses


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