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Michelle Griffith-Robinson OLY - Former GB Olympian, wife, mother of 3, lifestyle coach, personal tr

Michelle Griffith-Robinson - Former GB Olympian, wife, mother of 3, lifestyle coach, personal trainer and Ambassador for Diabetes UK

Michelle Griffith-Robinson OLY is a former Olympic athlete who represented Great Britain in the Triple jump. Michelle was the first woman in the UK to have jumped over 14 metres. Michelle is married to Matthew Robinson, an ex professional Welsh rugby player and she has three children.

In 1999 after leaving professional sport, Michelle became qualified as a personal trainer and stated to follow her passions of helping others through coaching and mentoring her own clients. Michelle is also one of the lead mentors for the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust – which helps young people get their lives back on track.

During this podcast, Michelle shares more about her early years, her passion for sports, the importance of having role models and what life was like as a professional athlete before making the transition out of elite competition. Michelle provides top tips and advice to help you achieve your dreams and goals.

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Show notes

  • Who is Michelle

  • Having 3 older brothers

  • Coming from a sporty family

  • Why doing just sport, wasn’t something you just did

  • The importance of education

  • Dreaming of a career in sports…

  • Attending the Youth Olympics

  • The importance of female role models

  • The importance of working hard and doing your best

  • Being encouraged and supported by her mum

  • Joining a local running club

  • Being the first woman in the Commonwealth to jump over 14m

  • What it was like going to the Commonwealth Games

  • The pressure of performance in the sporting world

  • Needing a support team

  • What it was like being a professional athlete

  • The power of being supported

  • Deciding to leave university

  • Dealing with financial stress

  • Pensions, houses and sponsorship money

  • Being dropped by the National Lottery

  • Deciding to become a Personal Trainer

  • Building a new career

  • Developing new skills

  • What exercise looks like now

  • A new Youtube channel - The Fit Family Robinsons!

  • Being an Ambassador for Diabetes UK

  • Needing to make changes to her diet

  • Wanting to raise awareness and make a difference

  • Diet and nutrition (one size does not fit all)

  • Starting as a mentor at the Youth Sport Trust 2009

  • Working for the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust in 2012

  • Words of positivity and encouragement

  • The importance of having a plan

  • Measure your plan

  • SMART - Specific - Measurable - Achievable - Realistic - Time Bound

  • Meeting her husband

  • Quick Fire Questions


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