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India Pearson - New Mum, SUP/Yoga Teacher, and Outdoors Advocate.

Renata Chlumska  - Adventure athlete who became the first Swedish and Czech woman to climb Mount Everest and in 2005 did a circumnavigate of the lower 48 States of the United States by her own power.

India Pearson, is an Outdoors Advocate, Presenter, and Yoga Teacher based on the Kent coast.

India's passion for wellbeing and nature has lead her to produce and host the podcast 'Start a Ripple ...' which celebrates the power of moving in nature for the mind, body and environment. Guests have included TV adventurer Ben Fogle, Olympian Michelle Griffith Robinson, BBC Spring Watch Presenter Megan McCubbin and Emmy Award Winner Doon Mackichan. You can also find India presenting in front of the camera, on the highly successful Youtube Channel Holiday Extras Travel Guides, which over the last 4 years, has taken her all over the world making documentary style videos on sustainable tourism.

During her time with Holiday Extras India co-founded a sustainable travel podcast 'Green on the Go' which saw her speak to industry professionals and travellers about eco tourism. In 2019 India won the Holiday Extras Difference Award for her efforts to encourage customers and colleagues to travel and live more sustainably.

As a lifestyle model India has worked with a variety of brands across different industries both nationally and internationally.

India uses social media for discussions based around her passions and expertise in paddle boarding, yoga, environmental activism, and getting outdoors as a new mum to her daughter Malou. India has been featured in publications such as Women's Health and Women and Home, and is also also an ambassador for Gill Marine and Hatha Paddle Boards.

When she's not presenting, India can mostly be found by the sea, either on her stand up paddle board or practicing yoga on the beach.

In 2020 India founded Fin & Flow, a hub for like minded people to connect through wellbeing activities by the sea such as yoga, paddle boarding, and beach cleans.

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Show notes

  • Who is India?

  • Living in Kent with her partner and daughter

  • Her love of the sea

  • Working as a SUP and Yoga teacher

  • Being an Outdoor Advocate and being passionate about the outdoors

  • Having a very outdoorsy childhood

  • Her podcast - 'Start a Ripple ...' which celebrates the power of moving in nature for the mind, body and environment.

  • Wishing she learnt how to surf when she was younger

  • Memories of playing in the waves

  • Going to college and studying dance, before moving to London

  • Dealing with anxiety and getting into yoga for the breathing

  • Feeling the benefits and knowing that she wanted to teach it

  • Doing the 200hr teaching training inThailand

  • Doing a SUP/Yoga Teacher Training Course

  • Doing a refresher water safety course

  • What can people expect from a SUP/Yoga class

  • The benefits of moving in nature and wanting to share it with others

  • The ripple effect of spending time in nature

  • Deciding to start the podcast and being on it’s 5th Series

  • Pregnancy and being active and spending time outdoors

  • Dealing with Postnatel Anxiety

  • Self care tips for new mums during stressful times of the year

  • Why comparison is the thief of joy

  • How her views of adventure have changed since having a baby

  • Dealing with a change in her identify and how she viewed herself

  • The challenges of going back to work after maternity leave

  • Taking her daughter on adventures

  • Future plans for 2023

  • Armchair Adventure Festival 2023 (Use TG10 to get a 10% discount)

  • How to connect with India

  • Final words of advice for new mums and parents


Social Media

Instagram @with_india

The Start a Ripple podcast was founded on the belief that ripples are made when we connect movement with nature, not only for our mind and body, but also the environment too. Every episode India speaks to a guest who shares their story and approach to moving in nature, with the hope that these conversations will encourage you to get outside, move, dream big, and start making your own ripples.


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