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Tracy Herbert - Grandmother with Type 1 Diabetes, who completed a solo 3,527-mile bicycle ride from

Tracy Herbert - Grandmother with Type 1 Diabetes, who completed a solo 3,527-mile bicycle ride from San Francisco to New York!

Tracy knows how to overcome adversity. At age 17 she was diagnosed with a disease that every medical expert said would kill her within 20 years.

Tracy was diagnosed with childhood diabetes, which is now known as Type 1 diabetes. She uses the knowledge gained from living with Type 1 diabetes for almost 40 years to help encourage others to prevent, reverse, or control their own diabetes, Tracey wrote her first best selling book - "Diabetes Tragedy to Triumph".

Tracy recently rode her bicycle 3,527 miles from San Francisco to New York City to spread awareness about diabetes while providing hope for others who are suffering. She has also written about this challenge, “Ride for Hope: One Woman's Solo 3,527 Mile Bicycle Ride that Inspired the Nation”.

*Please note this is not medical advice, neither myself nor Tracy are medical doctors!!


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Show notes

  • The worst day of her life

  • Being diagnosed at 17 years old

  • Learning all about Type 1 Diabetes

  • “You can be bitter or you can be better”

  • Doing something crazy every decade

  • Where did the positivity come from?

  • Mind - Mouth - Move

  • Having the right mindset

  • Positive quotes

  • Diabetes and what it is, the difference between Type 1 and Type 2

  • Proving the doctors wrong!

  • Audacious goals and doing things that frighten her

  • Being afraid of water and signing up for a triathlon!

  • “I probably can’t do it,but I’ll at least try it”

  • Why it all starts with the mind and having the right mindset

  • Deciding to go for a big bike ride!

  • Why she has changed her thinking

  • Dealing with fear

  • Planning her big solo cycle ride from San Fransisco to New York City.

  • Dealing with people who tell her - You Can’t Do That!!!

  • Training for 40 years for this moment.

  • Getting physically fit for the cycle ride

  • Her self care contract with her daughter.

  • Having bike issues 10 mins into the start of the cycle ride!!

  • Being lost and lonely in Nevada

  • Having to deal with the “killer hill”

  • Inspiring the younger generation

  • Doing a lot of self reflection while on the bike ride

  • Her new mantra - “Don’t lose hope”

  • Dealing with loneliness

  • Being on the road for 90 days.

  • Riding into New York City!

  • Dealing with the emotions of finishing the ride

  • Dealing with the adventure blues

  • Writing books!

  • Quick Fire Questions!

  • Final words of advice


Social Media

Twitter - @TracyHerbert


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