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Jennie Cardin - Embracing the Outdoors After Raising Children - Becoming an Outdoor Instructor at 48

Renata Chlumska  - Adventure athlete who became the first Swedish and Czech woman to climb Mount Everest and in 2005 did a circumnavigate of the lower 48 States of the United States by her own power.

Jennie has found her calling in the breathtaking landscapes of Dorset. As an outdoor instructor working for Land & Wave, she brings her passion for adventure to life, inspiring others to embrace the wild side of nature.

Growing up on a farm in Cheshire, Jennie discovered her love for water and sailing at an early age. Spending time in North Wales and later working on sailing yachts in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, she developed a deep connection with the outdoors and a thirst for exploration.

However, as life progressed and her children embarked on their own journeys, Jennie realised it was time to pursue her own dreams. Seeking fulfilment beyond her role at a local primary school, she found herself at a crossroads. After the loss of a close family member, she embarked on a soul-searching journey, determined to follow her passion for the outdoors.

The decision to join the Outdoor Instructor Training at Land & Wave was a turning point. Despite initial doubts and concerns, Jennie realised that age should never hold someone back from pursuing their dreams. With unwavering support from her children, parents, and partner, she made the bold move to Dorset, renting out the family home and immersing herself in the 15-week training program.

Jennie's dedication and love for water activities shine through as she shares her experiences from the first season of work. From challenging weather conditions to connecting with clients, she has embraced every aspect of her new career. Drawing inspiration from role models and mentors within the industry, Jennie continues to learn and grow, setting her sights on future qualifications such as Paddle Sport Leader (PSL) and Mountain Leader.

Balancing the demands of work and personal time in the outdoors is a constant endeavour, but Jennie remains determined to avoid burnout. Coping with the physicality of the job and managing logistics is a part of her daily routine, and she has valuable advice for women aspiring to make a career in the outdoors.

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Show notes

  • Who is Jennie

  • Growing up on a farm in Cheshire

  • Being the youngest of 3

  • Her love for water and sailing

  • Spending time in North Wales

  • Working on sailing yachts in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean

  • Meeting her husband and having children

  • Starting to work in her local primary school

  • Not feeling fulfilled

  • Losing a close family member

  • Thinking about what she wanted to do next

  • Deciding to follow her passion for the outdoors

  • What it was like when her children left home

  • Figuring out the next stage in her life

  • Being scared of making a change

  • Learning to see change as an opportunity

  • The starting point and putting a plan in place

  • Going around in circles to start

  • Becoming qualified as a dog groomer and starting her own business from home

  • Doing research into outdoor providers

  • Thinking about the costs, the location and the timings

  • Attending an open day at Land & Wave

  • How everything felt right

  • Fear and concerns before committing to start the Outdoor Instructor Training

  • Was she too old at 48?

  • Why fear should not hold you back

  • Making it work financially and logistically

  • Having support from her children, her parents and partner

  • Moving down to Dorset in May and starting to rent out the family home

  • The Outdoor Instructor Training Course - 15 weeks, 15 qualifications.

  • Paying for a kit package

  • Attending an open weekend and meeting other people on the course

  • Her love for the water activities

  • Getting a job at the end of the course

  • What the first season of work has been like; from the clients, to the work, and the weather

  • Role models and mentors

  • Learning from other instructors

  • Future career steps and making plans for the winter

  • Wanting to do her, Paddle Sport Leader (PSL) Qualification through Land and Wave

  • Looking at doing her Mountain Leader Qualification

  • Getting the balance right between work and spending time in the outdoors

  • Burnout?

  • Coping with the physicality of the work

  • The logistics of moving kit around

  • Advice for other women who want to make a career in the outdoors


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