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Sue Barrett - First ‘Adventure Queen’ Grant Winner

Charlotte Fowles - The Executive Adventurer, solo hiking whilst on chemotherapy & crossing the Australian outback in a 4x4 truck!

Sue is a passionate trail runner, cyclist and hiker.

During this episode Sue shares more about her life, the challenges she has faced as she entered her 50th decade as well as her goal to remain fit, active and healthy for the next 30 years. Sue is a lover of the outdoors and the natural world. She enjoys taking part in a variety of different adventures and challenges; from learning how to swim, taking on her first triathlon, running her first marathon and ultra marathon.

During this podcast, Sue shares more about her role models, her motivation and why she decided to apply for the Adventure Queen Grant in 2017. Sue talks in details about her fears, and dreams and what she learnt from taking on a 1,300 mile human powered journey through the mountains along the spine of the Alps.

There are lots of top tips and advice which will motivate and inspire you, to get fit and active and to spend more time outdoors.

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Show notes

  • Who is Sue and what she loves

  • The challenges of her 50th decade

  • Her current focus for mid lift

  • Wanting to keep active and healthy, and age well

  • Growing up in the 1960s

  • Building resilience at a young age

  • Being inspired by teacher and her parents

  • Playing hockey for over 40 years

  • Having the freedom to play and explore

  • Team GB winning the gold medal in hockey

  • Motherhood and having 2 daughters

  • Wanting to give her children opportunities

  • Reading about Rosie Swale Pope - A little run around the world

  • Turning 50

  • Needing to put herself first

  • Taking on a new challenge every year

  • Going to the SW Outdoors Festival

  • Meeting - Anna McNuff

  • Winning the Adventure Queens Grant in 2017

  • Advice for how to priorities yourself

  • Committing the idea down to paper

  • The mother daughter relationship

  • The plan…

  • Adapting the trails to suit their plan and abilities

  • Spending quality time with your mum

  • Creating magical memories

  • Fears and concerns before heading out to the Alps

  • Meeting armed police in the mountains

  • What a typical week of fitness looks like

  • The Tough Girl - March Daily Mile Challenge with Inov-8

  • Trial Running Magazine - Run 1,000 miles Community

  • Country Walking Magazine - Walk 1000 miles throughout the year

  • Struggling for motivation in February

  • Month long challenges….

  • Training her family…

  • The importance of a community

  • Find Sue on line and follow along with her journey

  • Find words of advice


Social Media

Twitter @runnyhunny

Adventure Queens - A UK based, not-for-profit women’s adventure community – set up with the aim of delicately bringing down the barriers that prevent women from going on outdoor adventures and realising their full potential. Free to join, highly accessible and completely inclusive for anyone that identifies as a womxn.

Listen To Anna McNuff on the Tough Girl Podcast


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