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Helen Butters - Having positive mindset during times of immense stress. Lessons learned from rowing

Renata Chlumska  - Adventure athlete who became the first Swedish and Czech woman to climb Mount Everest and in 2005 did a circumnavigate of the lower 48 States of the United States by her own power.

Helen Butters is a Sunday Times Bestselling author, keynote speaker, communications & engagement expert, qualified performance coach with NLP, and a member of the National Council of Psychotherapists. In 2016 she followed her dream of rowing across both the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean with a team of 3 amazing women and gained a Guinness World Record and an Honorary Doctorate.

A lot of people ask Helen how she coped with the level of endurance rowing, 2 hours on and 2 hours off 24 hours a day. What got her through, was a positive mindset and understanding how to keep it that way, in times of immense stress Adventure and business have many similarities.

Helen uses her row across the Atlantic as a backdrop, and adopts a unique, interesting, and amusing approach that sets her apart from many motivational speakers. Helen is extremely relatable as she’s not a professional athlete: She’s a mum with a busy career who has many barriers that could have stopped her from undertaking a big adventure. Helen has many examples of how attendees have been inspired to look at life using new perspectives, become more attentive to their own talents which in turn has caused many to leave her talk feeling prepared and motivated.

Helen qualified as a performance life coach in 2019 with the aim of helping others to live a more fulfilling and satisfying life both professionally and personally. She works collaboratively with her clients to find meaning, understanding and solutions: empowering them to come up with the answers.

She is passionate about the ethos of coaching as a powerful positive discipline and uses flexible effective tools which enable her clients to turn their belief into reality. She has a specific interest in the power of mindset and has put together a mindset reset programme for clients.

Helen will be swapping 40-foot waves for the Pyrenees as her next adventure will see her cycling 1000 miles through 4 countries from Maggie’s Leeds to Maggie’s Barcelona in April 2022. Helen and her team will be raising money for Maggie’s Yorkshire.

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Show notes

  • Who is Helen

  • Wanting to row across the Atlantic Ocean

  • How she met Janette Benaddi

  • "If you plant something in your head that you actually want to happen, your brain subconsciously looks for those opportunities. And when opportunities arrive, that's when you instantly say yes."

  • How grateful she is that she said yes

  • Speaking with Melanie Sykes

  • Getting a No from her husband and Yes from their children about rowing

  • Involving her children in everything

  • Feeling safe with the team despite the risks and dangers

  • Making sure to use all the expertise and that the right people were in place

  • Being good at communicating and building relationships

  • Coaching as her new career

  • Helping Niki Doeg to stay motivated

  • Being strong and positive on the boat

  • Doing mental training in preparation for the row

  • Doing mindset reset and anchoring techniques

  • Crying and holding back her feelings

  • Feeling unhappy when she shouldn't have been

  • The need to prepare mentally before the adventure

  • Having an adrenaline hangover

  • Not getting help and how she struggled mentally for 18 months

  • Using her experience to help other rowers before and after their journeys

  • Her journey into coaching

  • Becoming a qualified performance life coach

  • How self-expansion excites her

  • Believing that everyone should have a coach and why it is important

  • Mindset reset and what is it

  • Teaching people deliberate thinking

  • Jealousy and its positive effects on people

  • The story of her cycling journey for Maggie’s Cancer Care Centre

  • Fundraising event for Maggie's

  • Cycling from Leeds to Barcelona in April

  • Having no prior cycling experience

  • Worrying about her physical fitness

  • Meeting people along the way

  • Raising money for people experiencing complex grief with children and families

  • Final words of advice


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