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Carolin Botterill - Bravery, Running the Jungle Ultra for the 5th time - Plus Escaping the Jungle -

Arita Baaijens - Explorer, Biologist, Author, Photographer, Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society & the Explorers Club

Carolin Botterill is a 54 year old mom of 3 grown daughters. She lives with her husband and dog in Calgary, Canada.

Carolin loves taking herself on ultra-running and backpacking adventures to far-flung corners of the globe, and she is passionate about shining the light on mental illness as a member of the Bigger Than the Trail team.

During this podcast episode we catch up with Carolin, who we first spoke to in November 27th 2018. Since then Carolin has gone on to her first 100 mile race a dream she has been working towards for over 8 years! Carolin shares more about that experience, what she did differently and how positivity helped her during the race.

Carolin also shares more about dealing with her first DNF (Did Not Finish) at the start of January 2019 during the Spine Race in the UK, plus camping solo in the back country and what it was like running the Jungle Ultra with a friend.


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Show Notes

  • Who is Carolin

  • Her achievements in 2019

  • Smashing a 100 miles (her 5th attempt)

  • How she trained differently

  • Having a goal for 8 years and continuing to work towards it

  • Getting over the mental block in doing a 100 mile race

  • The power of staying positive during the race

  • The Spine Race - January 2019

  • Dealing with a DNF

  • Bouncing back from failure blog post

  • Doing the canal walk from Liverpool to Leeds

  • Respecting the race

  • The British Weather…

  • Getting back out to running pretty quickly

  • Preparing for the next challenge the Jungle Ultra in Peru

  • The benefits and challenges of doing a race with a friend.

  • Wanting to be brave and have courage

  • Going camping in the back country solo

  • Why being out in nature by yourself is very empowering

  • Being alone with your own thoughts

  • The start of 2020

  • Escape from the Jungle

  • Wanting to take her races to the next level

  • Doing the challenge solo

  • 14 competitors with 2 women

  • What the survival training was like

  • Feeling unprepared before the start…

  • What the race was like

  • Getting outside her comfort zone with a 200ft waterfall

  • Not enjoying the experience

  • Managing fears while being out in the jungle

  • Quick Fire Questions


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