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Mimi Anderson - Endurance Athlete/Multiple World Record Holder - Running across America

Mini Anderson - Endurance Athlete/Multiple World Record Holder - Running across America, Dealing with Failure, Overcoming Fears, and getting into swimming and biking!

We first spoke with Mimi in December 2015, where she shared more about her early life, how she got into endurance running.

During the first episode we go into more depth about some of the bigger challenges she has done, for example breaking the world record for fastest women running JOGLE (John O’Groats to Lands End - 840 miles) in the UK in 2008. (This record has since been broken in 2019 by Sharon Gayter - You can listen to Sharon share more about this on the Tough Girl Podcast.)

“The only way of finding the limits of

the possible is by going beyond them

into the impossible”

During this episode we catch up with Mimi and find out what’s she’s been up to since 2016. We talk in detail about her dream of running across America, we talk about fears and failure and having to let go of running and try new sports.

Mimi talks really openly and honestly during this episode, I had a tear in my eye when I was recording it and a tear in my eye when I edited it.

You have been warned it does get emotional!


Listen to Mimi speak now!

Click here if you can't see the link below.


Show notes - Quick update from Mimi

  • Her dream of running across America in 2017

  • The planning and the preparation for the challenge

  • Applying to Guinness for the World Record

  • Starting in LA City Hall and running to City Hall in New York City

  • Getting a hard time from other runners

  • Planning with Google Maps

  • Driving the route in advance

  • Getting the money together for the challenge

  • Getting a crew together

  • Speaking with Sophie Rooney (also on the Tough Girl Podcast coming 10th March!)

  • Training and race strategy

  • Having a sports psychologist

  • Having to postpone the run in 2016

  • Running for 1 minute at a time

  • Dealing with the frustration

  • 6 am, 7th September on the start line

  • Having the whole world watching

  • Switching off from everything and becoming very calm

  • Dealing with criticism

  • 2 women going for the world record….

  • The good and the bad of social media

  • Getting stalked on the run and having to call the police

  • The structure of her days

  • Fuelling her body

  • Her evening routine

  • What’s going on in her head while running

  • The 40th day…

  • Recovery

  • The end of her running career

  • Ride Across Great Britain

  • Riding a bike!

  • Cycling!!!

  • Marv and Mavis

  • Cycling the Pacific Coast Highway

  • Hills on the PCH

  • New book coming out in Spring 2021

  • Overcoming her fear of water

  • Zoe Langley-Wathen - #100ScaryDays

  • Being a goal driven person

  • Plans and goals for 2020

  • 5 Parks in America

  • Ride Across America

  • Naming her bikes!

  • The footage from the run across America…

  • Wise words from Mimi - “Small steps will lead to big things”


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Have a fantastic week! Sarah x

Listen to the first episode we did with Mimi. Click the PLAY button below!



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