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Rebecca Lowe - Author of “The Slow Road to Tehran” - documenting her year-long cycling journey

Renata Chlumska  - Adventure athlete who became the first Swedish and Czech woman to climb Mount Everest and in 2005 did a circumnavigate of the lower 48 States of the United States by her own power.

Rebecca Lowe is a freelance journalist from London who specialises in human rights and the Middle East.

In 2015-16, she cycled 11,000km solo from London to Tehran.

Her first book, THE SLOW ROAD TO TEHRAN, documenting her year-long journey, paints a living portrait of the Middle East through its people, politics and historic relationship with the West, and challenges much of the perceived wisdom about this region of the world. It was published in March 2022 by September Books in the UK and MVG in Germany.

During her career, Rebecca has written for the Guardian, BBC, Independent, Huffington Post, Economist, Sunday Times Magazine, Daily Mail, Evening Standard, Spectator and IranWire, as well as numerous travel, music and sports magazines.

From 2010-15, she was the lead reporter at the International Bar Association, where she focused on human rights and the rule of law, and in 2018 she contributed to the adventure travel anthology THE KINDNESS OF STRANGERS: TRAVEL STORIES THAT MAKE YOUR HEART GROW, published by Summersdale.

Rebecca is a Fellow at the Royal Geographical Society and holds a BA in English Literature from Cambridge University and an MA in Journalism from Stanford University, where she was awarded a scholarship.

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Show notes

  • Who is Rebecca

  • Being a journalist for over a decade

  • Becoming interested in the Middle East

  • Deciding to quit her job and cycle from London to Iran

  • Becoming a new mum while finishing off her new book

  • The challenges of motherhood and juggling work

  • Being adventurous and having an independent spirit

  • Being into sports and playing with the boys

  • Where her interest in the middle east came from

  • Always wanting to become a writer

  • Explaining what the Arab Spring is (2010- 2011)

  • Her journey with cycling

  • Trying to find a bike via sponsorship

  • Learning to cycle with Panniers

  • Packing everything!!

  • Not feeling prepared before the trip

  • Learning how to deal with new situations

  • Getting into her cycling rhythm

  • Going from West to East

  • Feeling overwhelmed by undertaking big challenges

  • Concerns and fears before starting the journey

  • The challenges of being a journalist while travelling

  • Taking precautions before the trip

  • The benefits of being a woman in the Middle East

  • What it was like day to day

  • Having a budget of £15 per day

  • Trying to avoid the heat

  • The wonderful food!

  • Learning different cultures

  • Getting to the end of the trip and being ready to finish

  • Dealing with punctures

  • Arriving into Tehran and getting to the finish line

  • Missing the Uk

  • The lessons learning from time spend on the road

  • Feeling more confident and being able to cope with new situations

  • Connect with Rebecca

  • Final words of advice

  • Start slowly and push those boundaries

  • Why you can go on Big Adventures

  • Mantra and powerful quotes


Social Media

Instagram: @reo_lowe

Twitter: @reo_lowe


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