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Audrey McIntosh - 56, Her Global Odyssey, 100km non-stop in each of the World’s Continents!

Phoebe Smith - Extreme Sleeping Adventurer, Storyteller-in-Residence at, & host of the Wander Woman Podcast.

Audrey in her own words..

"In November 2013, I made a bit of running history when I became the first Scot (and second British woman) to complete my Antarctic Odyssey — the Antarctic Ice Marathon and Antarctic 100km double — in the space of three days, and this is one of my greatest achievement.

Crossing that 100k finish line marked both the end of a journey and the beginning of a new one...

In 2015, I completed the North Pole Marathon and became the first Scot to complete all 3 polar races. I also added the West Highland Way Race and West Highland Way Triple Crown and 100 miles in 24 hours at the Glenmore 24 hour trail race to my tally of achievements.

In January 2017 I became the first person to complete the double extreme marathon event of the Namibian Sand Marathon and Genghis Khan Ice Marathon: 36 degrees to minus 32 degrees."

During this podcast we will be focused on what Audrey has been up to since 2017. Audrey will share more details about the double extreme marathon event of the Namibian Sand Marathon and Genghis Khan Ice Marathon. Audrey will share more about the challenging races and what she has learned on the way, she will also share more about the global odyssey and how her dreams and goals have evolved over time.

If you are a passionate runner and enjoy hearing tales of adventure and challenge, then this is the perfect episode for you! Enjoy!

The Global Odyssey story so far:

  • Antarctica - 2013, The Antarctic Ice 100k and The Antarctic Ice Marathon.

  • Europe - 2017, Grand Raid Des Bogomiles 100k. I have run a number of marathons in Europe.

  • Asia - 2018, The Gobi Desert Global Odyssey 100k and 2017 The Mongolian Ice Marathon

  • Africa - 2019 The Moroccan Global Odyssey 100k and 2017 The Namibian Sand Marathon.

  • South America - 2019 The Patagonian Global Odyssey 100k and 2014 The Volcano Marathon.

  • Oceania - 2020 The New Zealand Global Odyssey 100k and the Global Odyssey New Zealand Marathon.


Listen to Audrey NOW!!!

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Show notes

  • Who is Audrey

  • How she got into running

  • Trying an ultra!

  • Reflecting back on 2017

  • Her goal to run an ultra on all 7 continents and having someone else do it first

  • How it change her ultimate goal

  • Needing a different dream

  • Taking the sense of urgency and time out of the goal

  • Dealing with the extreme heat and extreme cold of running challenges

  • David Scott from Sandbaggers

  • Menstruation and menopause and impact on training

  • The Global Odyssey

  • Failing the first challenge

  • Getting some of the basics wrong from hydration to taking salt tablets

  • Dealing with the aftermath of failure

  • Going to the Gobi desert in August

  • Starting to run without headphones

  • What a normal training week looks like

  • 3rd time lucky with running in Africa

  • Heading to Argentina in April 2019

  • Losing her mum and not being able to run

  • Deciding to head to New Zealand for the next ultra and marathon race

  • Quick Fire Questions

  • Final words of advice to motivate and inspire you


Social Media

Instagram - @aa_mcintosh

Twitter - @audreymcintosh


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