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Elle Linton - Fitness Professional & Blogger at Keep it SimpELLE

Elle Linton - Fitness Professional & Blogger at Keep it SimpELLE

Elle is a Fitness Professional based in the UK, with a degree in Exercise Science and over a decade of experience in Sport Development, Leisure Management, Personal Training and Group Exercise. Elle in her own words - I've come to understand that my skills lie in sharing insight, providing input, relating to others and quite often, playing 'devils advocate'. My passion is in learning, sharing that learning and listening to the stories of others. No matter what role I have undertaken, there has always been as aspect of people and community - from working in Sport Development looking after education programmes for London based Fitness Professionals to my own space on the internet - - where I bring together my strengths, skills and passion in the fitness industry. Elle’s goals - “Create a community which inspires and motivates people to live an active, healthy lifestyle whilst fostering empowerment through conversations which add value and allow for informed choices”


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Show notes

  • Who is Elle and what she does

  • Growing up as an only child

  • Getting into sports at a young age

  • Being encouraged to do all the extra curricular activities

  • Getting into running and athletics

  • Losing all motivation for exercise and sports for a few years

  • Following her passions at school and university

  • Getting back into sport and being active

  • Having a lack of motivation to do exercise

  • Getting motivated to do exercise now

  • Her passion for teaching

  • Starting to blog in July 2012 after being inspired by the London Olympics

  • Starting to work with Nike

  • Not being much of a talker

  • How her blog evolved over time

  • Figuring out blogging as she went

  • Getting qualified as a personal trainer

  • The realties of being a blogger and personal trainer

  • What a typical week looks like

  • What really matters

  • What the priorities are

  • Creating structure in a week

  • Advice and tips for women who want to get into Personal Training

  • Figuring out what you want to do and what the best qualification would be

  • Elle’s running story

  • Advice for running your first 5k

  • Mental tips for keeping on going

  • Getting into cycling

  • Cycling to Paris over 3 days - riding 100 km per day

  • Learning how to be part of a team

  • The RedBull Time Lapse - 25hr Challenge

  • Getting the team together and the challenges of getting to the start line

  • Learning who she is when sleep deprived and hungry

  • Putting a race plan and strategy together

  • How the RedBull Time Lapse worked

  • Dealing with sleep deprivation

  • Goals and races on the bucket list

  • Final words of advice


Social Media

Instagram @ellelinton

Facebook @simpelle

Twitter @X_eLle_S


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