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Janelle Lincks - Began trail running in 2020. Her rapid progress in two years has been incredible.

Renata Chlumska  - Adventure athlete who became the first Swedish and Czech woman to climb Mount Everest and in 2005 did a circumnavigate of the lower 48 States of the United States by her own power.

Janelle in her own words:

“Trail runner born and raised in the front range of Colorado. Started running as a kid with my dad then picked it back up in high school and went to Colorado State University on track and cross country scholarship.

Started racing on trails in 2020 and have had a couple wins at broken arrow sky race and the golden trail national series race in the Azores.

Signed on with Inov-8 as an ambassador at the beginning of 2022”

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Show notes

  • Who is Janelle

  • Being nomadic and moving between places

  • Growing up in Colorado

  • Playing a lot of soccer growing up

  • Getting into running with her dad

  • Running well in track and getting a scholarship to a local college

  • Becoming an An All American in the steeplechase

  • Finding trail running

  • Being a smoker in high school

  • Feeling like a natural runner

  • Feeling her best while running

  • Her dreams as a little girl and wanting to be a professional soccer player

  • Her love of running and what’s going through her head

  • Working through issues while running

  • Mantra and the power of simple words

  • Strength, freedom, fast

  • Positive Self Talk

  • What is an All American…

  • Making the transition from the track to running trails

  • Falling in love with trails running

  • Being competitive and her relationship with competition

  • Focusing on the experience of running

  • Leaving college and not having a plan

  • Money as a motivator

  • Living a very frugal lifestyle

  • Magical moments while out running

  • Challenges while out running on the mountains

  • Hitting mile 23 and struggling and needing to walk the final few miles

  • Being inspired by other runners

  • Training for races and what a typical week looks like

  • Wanting to be more focused with training

  • Loving running all distances from 1 mile to marathons

  • Running goals for 2022

  • Tips and advice for running uphill

  • Advice for running downhill

  • Loving toe-yoga

  • The Broken Arrow Race

  • Rest and recovery after a race

  • Advice for new runners

  • Running in a place that inspires you!

  • Advice for runners who have lost their mojo

  • Why the hardest part is just getting out there and going

  • Connect with Janelle

  • Instagram vibes

  • Quick Fire Questions

  • Final words of advice


Social Media

Instagram: @janellelincks

The Tough Girl Podcast is being sponsored by Inov-8

Use TOUGHGIRL15 to get your 15% discount. Click Here.

Get involved with the #MarchDailyMile Challenge.


Instagram: @inov_8


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