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Leanne Spencer - Citi exec until burnout, recovered, became a PT, & co-founded Bodyshot!

Katy Willings - Chief of Adventures at The Adventurists - Competing the Rickshaw Rally and rode in the inaugural Mongol Derby, the world's longest horse race!

Leanne was a City exec until March 2012, when she resigned after suffering from burnout and alcoholism. She spent a few weeks in rehab before coming out and redesigning her entire lifestyle at age 37.

Leanne trained to be a personal trainer, and worked as a sole trader for a while before setting up her company Bodyshot Performance.

During that time, she build up a team and stepped away from personal training herself. She’s written two bestselling books, done a TEDx Talk, won a business award, contributed to Thrive Global and is paid to speak.

Leanne, has run the London Marathon 4x, Completed the Scotland Coast to Coast Races 3x. Which involves – 105 miles across Scotland over two days via bike, foot and kayak. She’s also done, Man v Mountain – which is a 22 mile run up Snowdon and down via obstacle course. Leanne is currently training on roller-skis for the Arctic Circle Race for 2019 which is– a 160km cross-country ski race where participants are entirely self-sufficient (3 day event).


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Show notes

  • Where Leanne is based & her gorgeous dog!

  • Who is Leanne?

  • Growing up and what life was like when she was younger

  • Working in the city and balancing health and fitness

  • Drinking, and having a party lifestyle in her 20s

  • Deciding to leave the city and changing her life

  • Giving up alcohol and deciding to do what she was passionate about - business and health

  • Becoming a personal trainer and starting her company BodyShot

  • Going to rehab for 6 weeks

  • Not having a plan when she resigned from her job

  • What she changed when she came out of rehab

  • Doing her own personal challenges while being a PT

  • Training for the London Marathon

  • Her second marathon and the challenges she faced!

  • Running in fancy dress, during the hottest ever London Marathon!

  • Advice for other runners who want to do a marathon!

  • Why having a coach is a good idea!

  • Fundraising and fundraising fatigue

  • Why she wanted to do this challenge!!

  • Training via roller-skiing!!

  • Planning as a pair for the Arctic Challenge

  • Looking at funding and sponsorship

  • The mental side of the preparation

  • Fear… and why you have to be mindful of it - her tips and tricks for managing it

  • Meditation and why having a daily session works for her

  • Remove the Guess Work Podcast - what it is and who it is aimed for

  • Being strong of mind, body and spirit


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