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Molly Huddle - Long distance runner, 2x Olympian, Co-author of “How She Did It”

Renata Chlumska  - Adventure athlete who became the first Swedish and Czech woman to climb Mount Everest and in 2005 did a circumnavigate of the lower 48 States of the United States by her own power.

Molly Huddle is an American long-distance runner who competes in track and cross country running events.

Molly has won 28 USA titles, held six American records, looked down the start line of two Olympic finals and four major marathons.

Molly set the American record in the 5000 m at the 2014 Herculis Diamond League meet in Fontvieille, Monaco (14:42.64). She also set the American record in the 10,000 m at the 2016 Olympics, with a time of 30:13.17. Molly lives and trains in Providence, Rhode Island.

Molly has recently co-authored “How She Did It”, with college coach Sara Slattery.The book is the ultimate roadmap for female distance runners—featuring 50 candid interviews with women who’ve made it The book begins with key information from the professionals who help make athletic excellence possible: trainers, physicians, nutritionists, and sports psychologists. Then, you’ll hear the first-person accounts of fifty women who’ve done it themselves. From the pioneers who fought tirelessly for women’s inclusion in the sport to the names splashed across headlines today, featured athletes include: Joan Benoit Samuelson • Patti Catalano Dillon • Madeline Manning Mims • Paula Radcliffe • Deena Kastor • Brenda Martinez • Shalane Flanagan • Emma Coburn • Raevyn Rogers • Molly Seidel • and more With Molly and Sara guiding the way, these athletes share their empowering stories, biggest regrets, funniest moments, and hard-won advice.

Collectively, these voices are the embodiment of strength, meant to educate, inspire, and motivate you to see how far—and how fast—you can go.

Learn more about the book and Molly on the Tough Girl Podcast.

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Show notes

  • Who is Molly

  • Her job as a professional distance runner

  • Having her first baby and entering her 3rd trimester

  • Running while pregnant

  • Reducing her average weekly miles down from 90 miles to 40 miles.

  • Learning more about her childhood and her younger years

  • Her journey into running

  • Not thinking about becoming a professional athlete

  • Her senior year of high school and wanting to qualify for the National Cross Country Championships

  • Quitting basketball and focusing on running all year

  • Setting a new national record in high school for the 2 mile distance

  • Running with professional runners

  • Dealing with big failures and figuring out how to bounce back

  • Tools and strategies for mindset

  • The power of writing down goals and journaling

  • Having a mantra and using powerful words - STRONG

  • Loving the 5k distance and finding it fun

  • Running the London Marathon in 2019 and getting a Personal Best

  • Wanting to run a sub 2.25 marathon

  • Figuring out her race strategy for a marathon

  • Having faith in how you are feeling and going with your own plan

  • Releasing her new book: How she dit it - A high performance guide for female distance runners with stories of women who’ve made it. By Sara Slattery and Molly Huddle.

  • Wanting to write a resource for young female runners

  • Writing the book and speaking to 50 women about their running experiences

  • Speaking with Dr. Stacy Sims (Author of ROAR) and working with the female body

  • The new developments with maternity cover for professional athletes since The Dream Maternity Campaign organised by Alysia Montaño

  • The NY Times Article - Nike Told Me to Dream Crazy, Until I Wanted a Baby - Alysia Montaño

  • Contracts and being away from the track and the impact on the financials

  • The running woman emoji

  • Creating the Keeping Track Podcast

  • Wanting to share athletes stories who don’t get exposure via the main stream media

  • Particular highlights from the podcast - Racing for Representation

  • Reflecting back on finishing her first marathon in 2016

  • Advice for women who want to get into running

  • How to connect and follow along with Molly

  • Final words of advice for women who have lost their running mojo


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Personal Instagram @mollyhuddle

Keeping Track Podcast - A podcast built to elevate. Inspiring athletes & figures in sports, lesser known stories, & complex topics of Women’s sports ALL IN ONE PLACE!

Podcast: Instagram @keeptrackmedia

Book: How she dit it - A high performance guide for female distance runners with stories of women who’ve made it. By Sara Slattery and Molly Huddle.

A book of interviews with elite female distance runners on what they’ve learned along the way & words from experts in the endurance sports world.

Instagram: @howshediditbook


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