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Lindsey Cole - Adventurer & Storyteller who walked the length of the Rabbit Proof Fence in Australia

Lindsey Cole - Adventurer & Storyteller  - Who walked the  length of the Rabbit Proof Fence in Australia!

After receiving the sudden news of losing her father whilst on the other side of the world backpacking, Lindsey threw herself into adventure to deal with the grief. Having not ridden a bike since at school, she decided to cycle to Paris.

She liked it. So, she cycled the length of Britain. She liked that too and then cycled the African continent. But, she didn’t just stick to adventuring on two wheels. She ran from her home in London to Manchester, carrying a ukulele to busk on arrival. Hearing the absurdity of her latest challenge, the local radio station got her to sing and play each night live. The only problem was that she couldn’t play or sing.

She then turned to eight wheels, and roller skated to Paris, whilst learning en route. And, having been inspired by the story she read ten years earlier, she trekked for ten weeks on her own, across the Australian outback, following the Rabbit Proof Fence, retracing the amazing journey of three young sisters.

Past Adventures

2017 - Truck Tales - circumnavigating Australia with Truck Drivers

2016 - Walking the Rabbit Proof Fence

2013 - To Bude in the Nude- 150 mile roller-skate to Bude in a nude suit, because it rhymed!

2013 - Je Parle Franglais en skates - Rollerskating to Paris whilst learning French

2013 - Running with Kenyans - Turned 30 and wanted to run a sub 3.0hr marathon. It didn't happen!

2012 - Runkule - 250 mile run to Manchester playing the ukulele

2012 - Running to Wales - Ran from London to see a friend for a cup of tea


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Show notes

  • Living in France and writing a book

  • How she would describe herself

  • Growing up in London

  • Where her love of travel came from

  • Finishing university and taking a year out…

  • One gap year turned into a 6 year adventure

  • Doing a Masters in journalism

  • Living in a boot room of a chalet at 35!

  • Any pressure to settle down? Not knowing what she wants to do!

  • Dealing with rejection and how she got into adventure

  • Learning about the death of her father and dealing with it at 24 years old

  • Signing up to the London to Paris Cycle ride and why it helped her with her grief

  • A break down of her different challenges

  • Being average but still managing to surprise herself

  • The thing she finds the hardest!

  • Researching the Rabbit Proof Fence and getting permission from the daughters of Daisy

  • Doing survival training in preparation for the trip

  • The number one tip in survival - DON’T PANIC

  • Trevor the Trolly (named after her dad)

  • Dealing with the wildlife in Australia.. snakes…spiders…

  • Wanting to do the challenge on her own

  • Not wanting the challenge to end

  • Learning more about Molly

  • Hitching a ride around Australia with Truck Drivers

  • Normality and not fitting in

  • Plans for 2018?!

  • The Book/Boyfriend

  • Learning how to roller-skate!

  • Not announcing her next challenge until she knows it’s going to happen

  • Final words of advice


Social Media

Website & Blog -

Twitter - @LindseyCole

Instagram - @Stompycole


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