Tough Girl - Dr. Suzie Imber - Associate Professor of planetary science at the University of Leicest

Dr Suzie Imber is an Associate Professor in space physics at the University of Leicester. Susie is a keen mountaineer, and was the first person to chart a number of remote peaks in the Andes.

She was also the winner of the BBC Two television series Astronauts: Do You Have What It Takes? Suzie shares more on the tough girl podcast about;

growing up, working in academia, her mountaineering expeditions and why she wants to go into space!

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Show notes

  • Loving sports & science

  • Coming from a sporty and academic family

  • Playing lacrosse at school and University

  • Deciding to take up high altitude mountaineering

  • Climbing mountains in South America - Heading to Bolivia to climb 6,000 m peaks

  • The struggles she faced at the start - dealing with the cold the wind and the altitude

  • How she moved forward with mountaineering

  • How she developed her skills with no money

  • Climbing a non technical mountain and learning through experience

  • The impact of altitude on her body

  • The next mountain and heading to Alaska!

  • Climbing Denali….with no guide

  • Being stuck inside the tent for 12 days…

  • The preparation that’s done in advance

  • Summit night on Denali

  • Fitting in climbing around her PhD

  • Funding her expeditions to the Andes

  • Collecting data and using the super computer!

  • Identifying all of the mountains over 5,000 m in the Andes

  • Finding Inca ruins on the summit of mountains

  • Getting to name the mountains…

  • 106 mountains over 6,000 metres….

  • Route planning in modern times

  • Adjusting back to life after spending time out in the mountains

  • TV opportunity and being approached by the BBC… Do you want to be an Astronaut?!

  • The tests!

  • Developing resilience

  • Being taken outside her comfort zone

  • Staying calm under pressure

  • Wanting to go into space & astronaut selection..

  • Being back in the academic world

  • Inspiring the younger generation with outreach programs

  • Dreaming about the mountains….

  • Having balance in her life… getting up at 5am, running, getting to work at 7 am, work…

  • Why routine is so important

  • Learning languages… and why you have to challenge yourself and do things that you aren’t good at

  • Persistence, working hard and developing skills

Learn more about Suzie

Twitter: @SuzieImberSpace

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