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Sarah Logan - 43 married with 2 girls - diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer

Thank you to all my patrons and all the amazing members of the Tough Girl Tribe - thank you for your continued support, in allowing me to share important stories like this.


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Show notes

  • How she heard about the Tough Girl Tribe (thank you Lou!)

  • Life before children - running marathons and climbing mountains

  • Finding a lump in her right breast

  • Being diagnosed with a very aggressive type of breast cancer

  • How her whole world came crumbling down

  • Dealing with the shock and trying to come to terms with it

  • Losing control of her life

  • Joining a FB group for women under 45 who have been diagnosed with breast cancer - The Younger Breast Cancer Network

  • Setting her intentions from the start of the diagnosis

  • Spending New Years Eve doing chemo - and a reminder of why good friends are so important

  • A year of treatment

  • How much her mentality played a part in her recovery

  • Getting through the bad days and how she got through them

  • How her girls coped

  • Dealing with her hair loss and cutting her hair

  • Why she decided to take on a triathlon while undergoing treatment

  • Team Phoenix and signing up for a sprit triathlon

  • Her training and how it all worked

  • Her fears about the triathlon… swimming!

  • Why she kept on practicing and why she enjoyed learning a new skill

  • Drawing a line in the sand and using the triathlon as a way to mark the end of her treatment for cancer

  • Being so happy to be alive

  • Advice for other women who may be in a similar situation

  • Her next challenge in 2017!

  • Supporting Team Phoenix as a mentor for the ladies in South East London

  • Raising funds for Team Verrico

  • Looking forward, focusing on her family, her work and her exercise


Check your breasts!!!


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