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Georgie Akin-Smith is doing 12 CHALLENGES IN 12 MONTHS!

Georgie is 26 years old, living and working as a Marketing Manager in London. She loves being fit, active and getting outside as much as she can.

It was only in January 2015 when she really started getting into fitness.

Georgie can remember the moment she decided she wanted to get in shape and get fit. From that point on she was determined!

This involved getting up early to train on those dark winter mornings!

She now runs and sails regularly, she completed her first triathlon and has recently gotten into road biking! However, she wanted to take it up a gear....

The podcasts have really inspired Georgie and made her curious to see what she can achieve both physically and mentally when taken outside her comfort zone.

Georgie wants to do more than just her 9-5 desk job. She want to go on adventures, learn new skills and have fun!

"I really believe that we're capable of a lot more than we think we are and I want to use my upcoming challenges to prove that to myself. I want to see what I can achieve and I'd love to be able to inspire and motivate others along the way."

Georgie's 12 Challenges!

Georgie has set herself 12 challenges for 2017, roughly one per month!

Each of the challenges scare and excite her in equal measure and are all new things she hasn't tried before.

This is what's confirmed so far:

  1. Windsor Duathlon (19th February) - A duathlon is basically a run followed by a cycle followed by another run - simple!

  2. Engadin Cross Country Ski Marathon in Switzerland (12th March) - skiing up and down hill for 26.2 miles across snowy Switzerland from St Moritz to S-Chanf

  3. The London Marathon (23rd April)

  4. Mallorca 312 (29th April) it's a 312km sportive bike ride round Mallorca and is only 1 week after the London marathon so that's going to be a challenge in itself!

  5. Man vs Lakes Obstacle Marathon (15th July)

  6. The Three Peak Challenge (over the summer)

  7. London to Paris by bike in 24 hours (over the summer)

  8. The J70 Sailing World Championships (11th - 16th September) I do a lot of sailing, this event if a culmination of all the best J70 sail boat from around the world competing to be the 'J70 World Champion'. A J70 is a 7 metre keel boat sailed with 4 people on board.

  9. Windermere 21 (27th October)

  10. Tough Mudder (date TBC)

  11. A triathlon (event/date TBC)

  12. A surprise!!!! December!

Social Media:

Instagram: @gwhodares

Twitter: @gwhodares

Facebook: GWhoDares

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