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Sally Gunnell - The only woman to hold the World, Olympic, European, and Commonwealth Gold Medals!

Sally Gunnell - The only woman to hold the World, Olympic, European, and Commonwealth Gold Medals at the same time!

Sally Gunnell is an Olympian who won Olympic gold in the 1992 400-meter hurdles and took gold at the 1993 World Championships in the 400-meter hurdles.

Sally is the only woman ever to hold four major track titles concurrently – Olympic, World, European and Commonwealth! Since retiring from international athletics, Sally has gone onto become a television presenter, keynote speaker and wellbeing advocate.

Sally shares more about her early years, her passion for running, how she has overcome setbacks and the ebb and flow of motivation. We talk about wellness, meditation, nutrition, daily routines and why confidence is everything!


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Show notes

  • How Sally would introduce herself

  • Learning more about her childhood

  • Getting into running 12 years old

  • Joining Essex Ladies

  • Being inspired by the Olympics at 14 years old

  • Being inspired by female role models

  • Why it was about the journey

  • Training for the 1992 Olympics

  • What training looked like

  • The ebb and flow of motivation and maintaining it

  • Why confidence is everything in the world of sport

  • Dealing with setbacks and self doubt

  • The mental side of training

  • The power of the mind

  • Having to put the work in

  • The Olympic Race for gold in 1992

  • The gold medal!

  • The sacrifice involved to achieve olympic gold

  • The transition moving on from being a professional athlete

  • How much exercise plays a part of her life now

  • Dealing with the menopause

  • Running the London Marathon in 2006 after her 3rd baby

  • Sports Day Challenges!

  • Tips for wellbeing

  • What happiness is for Sally

  • Meditation

  • Food & Nutrition

  • Quick Fire Questions

  • Sally’s Run Club

  • Final words of advice


Social Media

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