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Helen Croydon - This Girl Ran: Tales of a Party Girl Turned Triathlete!

Helen Croydon - This Girl Ran: Tales of a Party Girl Turned Triathlete  - ditching a glamorous city girl lifestyle, and two years later qualifying to be a GB age-group triathlete!

Helen joined a running club four years ago mainly because she needed a new social scene that didn’t involve drinking! She threw herself in to the club scene, going to cross countries at weekends and it was a revelation. For a city girl like Helen, hanging out in a cold, muddy field on a Saturday and buying thermals and waterproofs was a complete change of life! At her first race she didn’t even own a backpack so carried kit in a designer tote bag! But each time she survived a day in the cold, it made her want to test more boundaries.

Helen, started road cycling, open water swimming and then triathlons. For two years she filled almost every weekend with a new endurance challenge - She did a 112 mile cycle through the Peak District, a 5km ocean swim between two islands in Greece, and spend two days of fell running in Isle of Wight.

Two years later, she qualified for the age-group World Champs triathlon and got to go to Chicago and compete in GB kit. In her book she talks about how outdoor sport changed her life and outlook. Not only has it made her physically stronger but it also made her mentally tough, calmer and more patient. She stopped being a slave to glamour and feminine ideals, and made her appreciate what a beautiful country we live in and introduced her to a whole new wholesome social scene.

Her goals is to inspires more women to get into sport and she’s passionate about getting women to discover their adventurous side.


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Show notes

  • Author, Journalist and producer working freelance

  • This Girl Ran: Tales of a Party Girl Turned Triathlete is a memoir about ditching a glamorous city girl lifestyle, toughening through outdoor sport, and two years later qualifying to be a GB age-group triathlete.

  • Never seeing herself as sport but loving the outdoors

  • Losing her love for the outdoors and becoming an indoors person

  • Wanting to be fit and using the gym and being very image conscious.

  • Fitness is not a chore and the realisation of what the body and mind can do

  • Joining a local running club and discovering how much she loved it

  • Why she wanted to make this change at 36

  • Making new friends and ditching drinking

  • Deciding to run 10 miles on her first run with the running club

  • Feeling a sense of achievement and getting hooked

  • Buying a bike and cycling to running club

  • How it changed her life

  • Her first race and how it led to future challenges

  • Signing up for a half marathon and going on a triathlon training holiday!

  • The imposter syndrome and dealing with fears

  • Being torn between the old person and the new person

  • Her first triathlon race and why it stands out in her memory

  • When Helen has learnt most from doing triathlons that she has applied to other parts of her life

  • Qualifying for the age group world championships after 2 years of starting triathlon! (June 2015)

  • Deciding on whether or not to get a coach

  • What training looked like and being near breaking point

  • Racing in Chicago! Being in GB Kit and getting to meet other athletes

  • Feeling lonely at the race and feeling low at the end

  • Why she changed her attitude after the race and relaxed her regime

  • Cycling to Paris and planning to cycle the South Down’s Way

  • Tips and advice for other women and why you have to know your reason why

  • Why you just have to go - no thinking - just get up and go!


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