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Frances Taylor - Running and quitting her job to cycle 3,000 miles around New Zealand!

Frances Taylor found fitness in 2013, taking up jogging to help combat the office routines, going on to run six marathons and a 75km ultra marathon.

With a 30th birthday on the horizon, and her life not exactly where she wanted it to be, she's quit her job and is travelling 3000 miles around New Zealand by bicycle.


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Show notes

  • Hating PE at school and stopping all physical activity from 14 years old

  • Finding fitness again

  • Deciding to do the Detroit Marathon

  • Living in London and working full time as a receptionist

  • Starting to run and how it helped her with her mental health

  • Having 10 months to train for her first marathon

  • The first time putting her trainers on and going for a run

  • Building up her training over time

  • To tell people or not to tell people?

  • Being embarrassed about how slow she was

  • Being a few weeks away from her first marathon and dealing with the nerves

  • Letting herself feel her feelings and carrying on

  • Her first marathon, being overwhelmed, tired and crying at mile 17

  • How her self confidence sky rocketed after doing the marathon

  • The Scafell Pike Marathon!

  • Training for the hills

  • Deciding to do an ultra! A flat 75K (with no navigation)

  • Why the time is passing anyway and you should go out and do what you want to do

  • Giving it their best shot

  • Doing the race for themselves

  • With her 30th birthday coming up & deciding to quit her job

  • Needing to do something big with her life

  • Why she decided she wanted to go to New Zealand

  • Tips for saving money

  • Giving herself 2 years to get ready

  • Her plan for NZ and why it’s been more difficult than she thought and why its been more amazing that she could imagine

  • Learning to have more self belief


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