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Patricia Alcivar - Professional Boxer turned Mountaineer - Climbing Kilimanjaro (in 2 days!)

Renata Chlumska  - Adventure athlete who became the first Swedish and Czech woman to climb Mount Everest and in 2005 did a circumnavigate of the lower 48 States of the United States by her own power.

Patricia Alcivar (Patty Boom Boom) was born on December 12, 1983 from parents who emigrated from Barranquilla, Colombia. She is one of four sisters who grew up in a small two bedroom apartment in Woodside, Queens, N.Y. Her father was removed from their home when she was 10 years old leaving her mother to take care of four girls.

Patty left an abusive home at the age of 16 after completing her first NYC Marathon. She knew that if she could complete 26.2 miles on her own, she could do anything! She completed High School with honours while working after school to support herself.

Patty is a 2-time NYC Golden Gloves Champion, USA Nationals Champion, NY Metro Champion, Western States Champion and the first Female ever to be voted and win “Athlete of the Year,” as voted by the United States Olympic Committee. As a Professional Boxer, she captured the New York State title.

Patty’s passion is Alpine/Mountain Climbing and one of her goals is to be the first Latina from Queens, New York to climb the 7 Summits of the World. She has already successfully summited 3 of the 7 thus far: Kilimanjaro-the highest peak in Africa (in 2 days!), Aconcagua-the highest peak in South America and in the Western & Southern Hemispheres and Mount Elbrus in Russia-Highest Peak in Europe.

When Patty is not out climbing, running or boxing, she supports herself by working in a variety of ways which include being Spanish Interpreter/ Translator, EMT, Event Manager, Group Fitness Instructor & Print Ad & Commercial fitness model.

In Patty’s free time, she is an animal activist and is also active in Fighting Hunger & Poverty through NYCARES, Meals on Wheels and NYC Harvest which provide Food to homebound elderly or New Yorkers in need.

Patty hopes to go back to school in the near future for a Nursing degree and continue giving back and be a positive role model to athletes and women of all ages around the world.

Upon completion of her project " Climbing for a Dream-7 Summits" she would like to help build a foundation to educate people around the world about the great outdoors and how to use the challenge and beauty of nature to heal physically, mentally and spiritually.

  • CONTENT WARNING - we discuss leaving an abusive situation.

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Show notes

  • Her nickname and professional boxing name

  • Who Patty is and what she does

  • Her goal to climb the 7 summits

  • 3 done, with 4 more to go

  • Living in NYC on her own

  • Running her first marathon at 16

  • Being 1 of 4 sisters

  • Being inspired by the Boston Marathon and knowing she would run it one day

  • Coming from Colombia in South America

  • Being laughed at for her dream of running a marathon

  • Going for her first run at 5am

  • Joining the NYC Road Runners

  • Living in a bad situation at home

  • How running helped her leave an abusive situation

  • Being diagnosed with ADD - Attention Deficit Disorder

  • Being enrolled in sports at a young age

  • Getting into martial arts

  • Winning a world title in martial arts

  • Deciding what to do next

  • Lying about her age to get her first job

  • How she got into Boxing

  • Not being able to support herself through boxing

  • Taking the opportunity to focus on mountaineering

  • Falling in love with the mountains

  • Climbing in Ecuador

  • Wanting to take climbing to the highest level

  • Becoming more patient

  • Having to turn back from a summit

  • Her though process while climbing

  • Needing to be fully focused while climbing

  • Climbing Kilimanjaro in 2017 in 2 days!

  • Climbing Aconcagua in South America and why it was so challenging

  • Training for 12 months

  • Carrying all her own equipment at high altitude

  • The power of visualisation

  • Getting back to normal after summiting Aconcagua

  • Money and paying to climb mountains

  • Maintaining her motivation levels

  • The power of praying

  • Living in NYC during the pandemic

  • Making the most out of her time

  • Getting up at 3:30am

  • Her plans to go and climb Denali

  • Documenting and sharing her journey


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