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Emma Timmis - National Adventurer of the Year 2015 for Running across Africa!

Emma Timmis - National Adventurer of the Year 2015 for Running across Africa!

Emma has done some extreme adventures where she’s pushed her body and mind to her limits.

Emma was the winner of the National Adventurer of the Year Award in 2015 where she was recognised for her achievement in physical endeavour by running across Africa! This journey took 89 days, starting at the Atlantic Ocean at Henries Bay in Namibia with her running all the way across to the Indian Ocean at Pemba in Mozambique a total distance of 3,974km.

Emma has just made her way via bike from Manchester down to Dover, where she is catching the ferry over to France, she will then be cycling over to Italy to do a month of rock climbing before cycling home. We recorded this interview while she was waiting to board the ferry, so you’ll have to excuse the noises in the background!

In this podcast, Emma talks about how she got a love for adventure and fitness from her family and how these big challenges came about, she talks about the training and the impact on her body and mind. She also provides advice and tips for those who are looking to get out of their comfort zone.

Through her adventures, Emma has also raised a lot of money for two charities (RSPCA & The Seed Project) they are charities that are close to her heart and she explains how they have benefited from the money.

It was clear from interviewing Emma that she’s a passionate believer in getting more women and girls to be active. It doesn’t have to be massive challenges, but they do have to be fun!

Please see more about Emma by visiting her website

and she is also on Facebook and twitter @runemma.

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